Little Girl Lost. Nobody commented about the chalk marks at the top of the stairs on left of the cat walk. If you listen you can hear Tina and her dog barking. Only problem with show was 4th dimension was at head of the bed. How did the little girl roll off bed where her head was. Chalk marks have to be about 5ft off the floor.

What about the pickle jar that accidentally got glued down?

No mention of the secret ghosts in the drop shaft?! Consider yourself lucky if you see them (I've seen the ghosts in each drop shaft, took about 20 tries in each). They are only visible (lit up from behind) on certain drop sequences. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them if you ride during the day time and the lighting leaking into the drop shaft is just right. I knew they were coming, but I have never screamed so loud in my life!

On one of our 100+ rides over the many years some nasty teen kids decided to through pennies out the windows. Disney stopped the ride and turned all the lights on. Everyone who already started on the ride got to go through the whole ride with the lights on. There were so many secrets. Then when we got off they allowed everyone to go again with the lights off.

Mark Silverman actually voiced over the entire Rod Serling monologue. This was done for tonal continuity.

we had an Event at the Tower of Terror, ( dinner out on the balcony) and a tour of the Hotel, behind the ropes ,,,,it was fantastic.

The real elevator is also for bypass, not just for disabled guests. I have taken it myself as I cannot ride the ride. But I wanted to see the preshow. You just tell a cast member and you will be escorted to the actual elevator that will take you down to the gift shop to wait for the rest of your party.

I love this ride is my favorite!!!

I've actually gone back downstairs in the true service elevator when our ride car broke down at the top.

Number 8 - that elevator is used for castmember to go to the break room 0r short cut to bathrooms as well as shirt leading hallways to other areas in the building .

Number 3- Dont do the Penny trick! More of a safety issue. The ride is going up and down at fast speed. Everyone's screaming and your penny is flying around . Could hit someone in the eye or someone could choke on it.

Current bellhop HS

In reply to by Bellhop -HTH (not verified)

In January I met a family who had ridden the ride earlier that day. Apparently dad didn't secure his bookbag, so when the ride dropped his bookbag hovered.

In reply to by Erica (not verified)

Same thing happened to my husband and I. I had my bad on the floor and I was just holding on to the string. When the drop came I just saw my bag hovering. It was pretty awesome since it was my first time on the ride lol

What I've never understood is pretty fundamental. Would there have ever been a TV in a hotel in 1939? TVs were not in general use until the late 40s at the earliest....

Thanks for this article! I love reading things like this that clue you in on some of the "hidden" details and the history behind it all. I am going to check out the rest of your site!

The glasses are located in the library not the lobby as stated. Also the boiler item is not an official hidden Mickey. The only official one is on the wall at the split in the queue, as a strain.

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

The glasses are located in the lobby, on the concierge desk to be exact. They are located between the hat and the stack of books and can actually be seen in pictures 21 and 22.

Number 8 - the elevator pictured is the "high rise" elevator used by the cast to get to the break room on the second level. It is between the 2 drop towers and goes as high as level 9 for ride evacuation and access reasons. On the back of the building is the "low rise" elevator that is used when guests want to bypass the ride. It goes between "Bravo" lift and "Charlie" lift to the 5th level of the building.

A most uncommon article to be to be sure, coming to you directly from....The Twilight Zone.

In reply to by Mark Silverman (not verified)

It was incredible to hear Rod Serling speak again! Thanks!

In reply to by Mark Silverman (not verified)

It was incredible to hear Rod Serling speak again! Thanks!

Number 8. There is actually 2 elevators, the one pictured is actually for the castmembers. I think it goes to their break room and the control room for the ride. The one for disabled guests is behind a door directly behind that. Between the 2 exits from each shaft.

It cracks me up how negative people can be. Relax it is a theme park.

Anyone notice Vera Lynn's name is misspelled in the paragraph below the poster

i love this article cause i am not getting in that ride

My favorite time on the ride was when we went inside clear as anything when the doors opened before we dropped there was a lightening storm outside

My favorite time on the ride was when we went inside clear as anything when the doors opened before we dropped there was a lightening storm outside

In reply to by tracey z (not verified)

That would be so creepy!!

The boiler in California's Tower of Terror looks like a "giant face" as my boys like to say.

The ride once broke down while we were on it. A large stepstool on wheels was carted over, to allow us all to get out of the car, and then we boarded the real maintenance elevator back down to the boarding floor again. This was the day the magic died.

In reply to by Larry (not verified)

Rides break.That's reality. Just because it's Disney doesn't mean they are beyond human nature and defy all odds of machines needing repairs.

I never said rides don't break from time to time, and I never blamed Disney. I was merely referring to my personal experience in the real maintenance elevator as reported in the article.

Number 12 is incorrect. The book "To Serve Man" is from the episode of the same name. The Mystic Seeer object on top of the book case with the bobbing head is from "Nick of Time"

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