I'm excited because its new Disney, not because of Avatar which I thought was an okay movie at best, nothing special. I'll find out in two weeks when I'm there if it's worth it!

I think all of that is true. Disney went all out to try and convince people that this land could stand alone from the stagnant film franchise, and I think they have done a good job of that. I never saw the film, had no interest in ever seeing the film, so to me this is just the long-promised 'fantastical creature' side of Animal Kingdom and done spectacularly. But Disney clearly feels they need to goose the numbers to make it seem like a success out the gate.

This is really a two part question, where one is not related to the other. Question 1: Are you excited for the new Avatar Land? I think most people will say yes, any new land and rides is cause for excitement at Disney.
Question 2: Was Avatar the right choice? Most Disney fans would say no. With so much intellectual property in house, why pay for an external property? I know I would have been more excited to see a Disney themed ride. Or Disney could be really adventurous and create an all new IP, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain,etc became their own IP because they told a great story. I would have loved to see something along the lines of the Adventures club. We are traveling to both Walt Disney World and Universal this summer, I am more looking forward to Volcano Bay. I really hope Volcano Bay is a huge hit, as it would show that being creative, taking risks and creating an all new IP is worth it!

I think the fact that James Cameron can't get a sequel out is going to be the death of this park. The only benefit might be the fact that it's connected to the Animal Kingdom, which I personally like. But I think hitching up with Cameron and this franchise may have been a mistake.

As with nearly everything Disney creates we are looking extremely forward to this immersive land. While the Avatar brand may not be the most exciting label, I think it gives Disney another area in Animal Kingdom that fits perfectly with the natural beauty, peacefulness, and incredible theme-ing that already makes it our favorite Disney park in the entire fleet. I trylu hope it's a huge success and lends itself to future Animal Kingdom additions.

It'll be a hit – no doubt about it.

Honestly I can see this being a huge white elephant. The franchise is nowhere near popular enough to support this. If the rides looked mindblowing then you could argue it. But of the 2 rides, one is a slow dark water ride that doesn't look as good as Frozen Ever After and the other is another simulator 3D ride, which doesn't seem to have as much movement as the Universal offerings. So they look OK but nothing special. The best part of the land looks like the scenery, but that alone is not going to justify the cost....... this is looking more and more like a bomb.

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