Today should have been the first day of Star Wars Weekends 2016. Sad day here for this SW fan. :( #BringBackSWW

I may be in the minority here, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to the collaboration of Disney and Star Wars. It doesn't fit in seeing Mickey, Donald and crew, then seeing a parade of Storm Troopers...especially at MK. I'm a fan of Star Wars and obviously a fan of WDW...but the two just don't seem to go together in my view. Maybe it will grow on me in time.
Oh, please bring back the hat...HS desperately needs an icon....and please find a home within the parks for the Osborne Lights.
As far as the construction, they gave ample warning, which allow many to adjust their plans accordingly. WDW has always been evolving, and yes sometimes they miss the mark, but more often than not, they are spot on.

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I agree. And I was just there watching the Star Wars show. Yes it is not a spectacular show but when the characters come out in the end, EVERYONES cameras were blocking the view and men were saying I love this. So summer down. Yes you may nits pens the whole day at Hollywood but there is still reason to go. The renderings look cool for the lands and will be great once they are complete. People just love to complain!

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Animal Kingdom is a shorter day but not a half day. If you've never taken the train over to Rafiki's Planet Watch or walked the Jungle Trek to see all the animals you really should. Animal Kingdom is the most beautiful park at Disney. Slow down and enjoy all the nature this park has to offer.

Before the hat they had a water tower...which they also just tore down. And then there was the theater...that they keep blocking with these giant stages. Give us some sort of icon for the park. A place to take nice pictures.

Food trucks are an excellent idea! They already use them in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and the ones there look amazing. Why not move them to Hollywood Studios at least temporarily. They wouldn't even have to get new ones, just use the ones they have.

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Lines are considerably longer at the attractions at DHS now. On busy days, almost double.

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Pizza Planet is getting a Muppet overhaul. It will no longer be Pizza Planet.

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I was unhappy that they took the hat down too. You have the castle at Magic Kingdom, Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom and Spaceship Earth at Epcot. What does this park have now that the hat is gone? It was always MY standout point.

I think food trucks are an EXCELLENT idea! They could have food trucks all around the park and they wouldn't take up much space. As DisneyDon said, park them along the endless sea of construction walls!

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Keep in mind that it isn't JUST Star Wars things that are getting put in... they are still putting in a new Toy Story Land as well, complete with a Slink the dog roller coaster. Just like all things Disney, this is just temporary inconvenience. I look at it as an opportunity to go to Hollywood Studios more. You get to see the progress. And it should be lighter foot traffic as well. Also remember that this is Disney... they have probably put in years of research into this, and listened to countless of customer surveys and put it all together.

There is no reason to charge admission to a construction zone. Disney should just shut the park and do the work. with your wallet, do not go to the park under these conditions, if you do, you deserve what you get

We are going next week and the only reason we will be visiting HS, is because we will have park hopper passes. Was wondering if the lines seemed longer with less attractions or if attendance was down due to closures making wait times about the same?

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Agree with Jay,

People should read thd article here on tpt on Disneyland fireworks.

They were introduced as a mention to keep visitors on site longer so they would spend more money on food and merchandise.

Fireworks were approved by Walt Disney himself.

Disney has always and will be a for profit corporation.

I'm very disappointed that certain Hollywood Studios staples have closed, but mostly because of the nostalgia. But with all due respect, I feel like maybe I'm missing something? The park lost LMA, which yes, was an impressive high-energy offering, but it also lost the playground (which I think we can admit is quite outdated) and a street whose large attraction was photo ops and a seasonal offering (ok, I'm REALLY sad about the Osborne Lights). I just don't see how these are reasons to avoid the park. Really, what has it lost? Especially with the promise of a huge gain? We still have ToT, Rockin' Rollercoaster, Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones, Muppets, Star Tours, all of the Disney Junior offerings, Trials of the Temple, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Toy Story Mania, Launch Bay, the Frozen Sing-Along, Great Movie Ride, the new Star Wars march, fireworks, Fantasmic, and plenty of character offerings. There are also still SEVERAL options for quick-service and sit-down meals (Backlot Express, ABC Commissary, all of the quick-service kiosks near ToT, Hollywood and Vine, Sci-Fi, Prime Time, etc). I'm not saying the walls don't suck and that paying full price isn't unreasonable, but I feel like there is still so much to enjoy! It may even still take a full day to see it all! No progress without a few steps back. And there really still is SO much you'd be missing out on if you skip this park. I think when it's all done, it'll all have been worth it.

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The stunt show should not have Ben closed .It was always packed and almost impossible to get into. As a yearly visitor to Disney ( not DVC ) and ALWAYS stay on property, my family will not be going to Dianey World this year. Animal Kingdom is a 1/2 day park and now so is Hollywood studios. What's the point of going. I think this is a BIG mistake on Disney part.

Too much at once! I'm a pass holder, so I know to avoid HS for the time being. If I were a visitor paying full price for a day's admission, I would be very angry. These closures are going to mean longer wait times for the few attractions still open and more crowds at the other parks...

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The hat never should have been there...the Theatre was the icon for many years. That hat hid it for far too long.

I'm travelling from England in September to spend 15 nights in Orlando and it's sad one of my favourite parks will be half the size it should be. I love the idea of food stalls - it would brighten things up.

I'm back in September/October. With all this construction, I am tempted just to avoid the park altogether. However, like many others, i'm sure, I will come back, even if only to ride Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster a few times each, and then head back to MK.

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First and foremost, Walt Disney was a businessman. He didn't start a charity, he started a business and his goal from the outset was to make money. LOTS of money. The "Greed" has been there from the very beginning. While the closures at DHS mean it really isn't worth visiting (certainly for me as a local AP holder) there will be folks who are on once in a lifetime trips so closing the park entirely would mean they could not experience attractions that perhaps they have been looking forward to.

Saying that we as guests get "less and less" isn't really true. Less at DHS now, yes, but the reason for that is to give us more, new, fresh attractions. It's a necessary part of making the park better in the future. If we want to talk about what Walt envisioned, he was very clear in saying that Walt Disney World would never be finished, that it would always bring new experiences and that's what the changes at DHS will do.

Everyone needs to accept that prices will rise because prices always rise. Buy a car today, that same car will cost more next year. That's just the way it is. However a bigger consideration is the MASSIVE financial investments that Disney makes to bring in new experiences, new attractions, new movies. Pixar $7.4 billion, Lucas Film $4.05 billion, Marvel $4.24 billion the list goes on.

This gutting of Hollywood Studios is really sad. What I don't understand is why they can't simply add on to the park instead of gutting and replacing things. It's not like they don't have the space and HS is a small park to begin with. I fell in love with HS for it's retro Hollywood charm and this reconstruction feels like it's trying to make the park something it was never meant to be. Look I am all for change, as was Walt himself, but this project is more like giving plastic surgery to an already gorgeous girl. My biggest fear is that they are going to do the same thing to this park as they did with the Norway pavilion in EPCOT- spend too much time and money on something permanent to chase a fad that will be over by the time they finally finish it. I guess all we can do is hope the walls come down soon and the change was worth it

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While I haven't heard any news, I would not be surprised at all if they were to open a new Pizza Planet within the new Toy Story Land they have planned. It seems to me that would make more sense as far as location and theming goes anyway. Will say though, this whole process kind of breaks my heart since Hollywood Studios was my favorite park, and now it's looking rather sad

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They still sell the carrot cake cookie at Sweet Spells

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No, pizza planet is CURRENTLY closed, which probably means it will reopen sometime soon.

It's amazing that Disney expect everyone to just accept the rise in ticket,food and resort stay prices, yet we get less and less. As a DVC member and annual pass holder, I have seen the GREED of Disney grow. Now we have a Resort full of construction walls and closed venues and they expect everyone to like it. I think this park should have been closed during the transition, but I see all the greed in Disney's eyes , or at least that of its board and stockholders. Very sad, Disney started as a park for all families, and now is becoming a playground for the rich and greedy!!!
I don't think this is what Walt envisioned at all!! Sad, really Sad

I'm very unhappy that they took the hat down to show the theater when in reality now all you see is a ugly stage..

Oh that's horrible :( I haven't been to Hollywood Studios since 2004, and I'm a big OUAT fan, it would have been nice to see. Thanks for the info!

I am going to be a very sad camper, if the carrot cake cookie is gone forever!!! I always took new visitors there to try them, and it was always a hit

Great article, very well written and certainly seems to be what would be my thoughts had I been at the park. I think the timing could have been better by opening new lands and attractions before closing others, especially en masse like this. I am looking forward to the changes and hope that it will be great, but as these projects are not due for a number of years, I am not sure what the Studio's future holds in the short term as far as pleasing it's guests.

Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop was at the end of the Streets of America. Unfortunately, that mean's it's walled off now.

Hope they add some once apon a time stuff.And how about many diverse food trucks for food.

Maybe now would be a good time to temporarily bring some food trucks in for some more options and diversity....

Too much going on. Not much reason to go to Hollywood studios.

I'm planning on going in October... I wonder if it's worth spending a whole day there.. ?

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from what I have been reading Pizza Planet is just getting a overhaul,but you know Disney they always change things

A good reason to skip what used to be one of my favorite parks. While, I understand Disney's quest to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars and the money to be made here, I think that an opportunity was missed to maintain and improve the theme of the movies. Actually, keeping this as movie land with the pieces that showed the process of movie making as well as the history of Walt Disney would have been great at this park. But, now all of that is lost with the destruction of those attractions that showed how movies are made. Star Wars could have easily have been a stand alone park and those Star Wars fans would have a place to celebrate that franchise and those of us who are not really fans could have continued to learn about making movies and shared the history of movie making. Too bad, but probably have made my last trip to Hollywood Studios or whatever it will be called.

We are going the second week in May. It would have been good if they closed one section at a time instead of several at once. This means at least 18 months of only 1/2 of the park open. And with fewer places to eat makes it worse. Guess on the bright side we have hopper passes!!

I think they need to add some food trucks.. very trendy right now, you can literally drive them in and park them along the endless sea of construction walls. There are probably ones in the Orlando area that would love the opportunity.

Wow,you surely get a lot of fencing for your dollar.

So am I reading this correctly and Pizza Planet is gone for good?

Is the Once Upon A Time, Mr Gold Pawnbroker sign covered??? Or will I still be able to take a photo by that in August of this year? Thanks!!

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