Magic Kingdom will always be my favorite park, but Animal Kingdom runs a close second. I agree with the fact that it immerses you totally into the experience, a truly unique experience, from the visuals to the music.

Before I did the DCP my favorite park was EPCOT, and it still is up there as a close second to DAK, but everything above is why it is now my favorite park. Expedition Everest became my favorite ride, Festival of the Lion King became my favorite show, and after a close encounter with a giraffe on Safari I had a new respect and love for that ride. DAK is the park I go to to relax and enjoy my surroundings and explore. Also being a Wilderness Explorer is awesome.

I LOVE Animal Kingdom! I'm actually hoping to have the chance to work there someday as an animal specialist!

Don't forget "educational".

I totally agree. No other Disney park gives such a thorough experience as Animal Kingdom does!

The 2 mile walk between attractions

Can I just say this has been one of my most favorite reads here on TPT? Not only have you most likely swayed my decision on what is my favorite park next to MK but you describe exactly how I feel when I'm in the park and all I see are those that are rushing from one attraction to the next. With the exception of MK this park feels more complete than any of the others. Everything in this park is there for a reason. You should see the look on some peoples faces once they realize that the shrine on the other side of Discovery River, across from Everest line up perfectly with the mountains on the ride. Even those that have been there lots of times don't know this because they are so busy. Dakota, I don't think you're crazy. I think you hit the nail on the head with what Walt always had in mind. Just as each land in MK feels like one complete experience, this whole park has that feeling and I for one cannot wait until it is open later in to the evenings just so I can stay that much longer.

This is a Really good article, I love animal Kingdom for all the reasons stated above. I could spend a whole day there because I do like to wander about. Not point a to point b, instead should I go left or right. That's the way Animal Kingdom works best.

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