Auff wiedershean. This is a brilliant and well made ride. It's defiantly not a kiddie ride. It's very intense actually. I highly recommend to not bring young children on this ride because my 12 year old sister cried and didn't ride ANY roller coasters for the rest of the day. But this is a very intense ride. It is by far my favorite rollercoaster I've ever been on. And I've rode ALOT of coasters. BRAVO BUSCH GARDENS!!!!!!! For more info, go to

I think it's a great modern replacement for an old classic...BBW was probably one of the first so called family coasters, built when the term did not exist .Verbolten kicks it up a notch on the visuals and brings the BBW concept into the 21st century.

It's taller, faster, and longer than Big Bad Wolf and significantly more forceful. It was meant to be a thrilling family ride and marketed from day one as a thrilling family ride, and it is. It is not a kiddie ride.

kiddie ride in the dark

Verbolten is every bit as thrilling as the Big Bad Wolf. Without the lens of nostalgia, Big Bad Wolf was a family coaster with a beautiful setting. Verbolten can be described in exactly the same terms, but with a more adventurous spirit. Verbolten is an A+ ride that deserves its position in the park! Nothing 'kiddie' about it!

Did you love the big bad well they traded it in for a kiddy ride

Brian, what a fab review! Verbolten looks absolutely stunning as do the roadster trains. I will admit I was surprised when Zierer was chosen over Intamin especially after Cheetah Hunt at the sister park, I've never been impressed by any Zierer rides but must say Verbolten has changed my opinion! I look forward to more Zierer creations, looks like they have done a good job at Legoland as well. Congratulations to everyone involved!!

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