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$10.00 per day, per person... so presuming the average family has four or more members it's actually more expensive than the daily photopass at $39.00 per day.
Every theme park I've ever been too has an unchanged for fast pass access and I don't mind paying for that bonus... sometimes though the fast pass lines are longer than the standby lines... in which case I can clear my fast pass and wait the 15-20 minutes lol.

I'm very disappointed that they are considering charging for fastpasses. Being a DVC and annual pass holder I feel like we have paid enough to be able to go to Disney. If this goes through I will not renew our annual pass. Even with fastpasses we usually only ride a couple of rides. Some of the fast pass options are not interesting to our family because our kids are older.But having the fast passes for the rides that we like are important for managing our time at the parks. We never use the photopass. We just take our own goofy family pictures. I refuse to spend more $$ on a fast pass upcharge. Please consider your consumer Disney.

I am so disappointed and angry with the news of having to pay for the Fast Pass+. The price increases on tickets every year have been too much too fast. Now this!! When I became a DVC member it was supposed to save me money. Regular guests even get FREE dining while DVC members have to pay. With this new fast Pass fee I will now spend more money to stay at my DVC resort than people who pay for their stay. I feel like I have been robbed. Universal offers a FREE hotel guest line. Guess we will go to Universal more now.

Frankly, I welcome this change. With the exception of the fact that it is now a charge, thus us exactly how it used to be years ago. I hated it when it changed to planning ahead 6 months in advance and then picking three at a time. For those of us who were frequent visitors but didn't want to have every single day planned down to the minute. The old way was great. You could only hold one at a time. You couldn't get them until you got into the park that day. As soon as you were done with one, you went onto the next. I welcome going back to the way it was and have no problem paying for the convenience the technology offers!

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I totally agree with you. We go to WDW a minimum of 2 times a year, and I HATE that I have to plan out every minute of every day by making dining reservations 6 months ahead and fast pass reservations 2 months ahead. No vacation in that. It's too planned out to be spontaneous. Add into that the higher costs of the passes, and we have decided to skip our 2 times a year Disney trips for 2 years.

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At Walt Disney World, the existing Fastpass+ system doesn't let you make online Fastpass reservations in more than one park on the same day. For example, if you make Fastpass+ reservations in the Magic Kingdom for April 1, you can't make any Fastpass+ reservations at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios on April 1.

This article, as many others I've read, is overreactionary. You did hit the heart of MaxPass but only later in the article, which is the Photopass downloads. It is $10 per day for unlimited Photopass downloads. In addition, you can use your Fastpass from the mobile phone.
I would imagine MaxPass users are pulling from the same allotment on the computer system that daily guests are, just not having to walk to the attraction. Having the use restricted to in park retains more fairness for guests not using the system.
Does anyone remember when you had to buy each photo individually? This option could be much cheaper, depending on the size of a group. Electronic FP access is a throw in to make larger families consider this. Disney may ultimately charge for Fastpass but they currently are not.

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I agree, Jackie. I'm a DVC member and enjoy knowing what rides I am guaranteed to ride, but can't afford the extra cost. I have only so much to spend Disney and am willing to spend it elsewhere. Please don't bring this to WDW.

This is for Disneyland, not Walt Disney World. DLR is struggling to figure out how to do a system like WDW. This system is quite different than the one at WDW. And as stated in the article, it does actually save you $29 with the Photopass included. DLR and WDW are managed differently, so I wouldn't expect to see paying for the current FP+ system at WDW. Now, paying for additional FP+ passes, I could see.
Also, since when does DLR have more attractions than WDW? Really? Two parks versus four?

As a current and first-time (and last-time) annual passholder at Disney World, I am still experiencing sticker-shock over the price of everything that is Disney. We are a large family of 8, so we do our best to minimize expenses when we go to the parks. We really value the Fast Passes because we know there will be at least 3 rides we don't have to spend an hour or more waiting for. We would not use them if we had to pay extra. While so many of us "regular" people feel that Disney's park prices are unfair and prohibitive, I have yet to see a day when the park wasn't full of visitors. We don't even go on a holiday just to avoid the stampedes. I wonder if a continuous raise in prices is one of Disney's ways to implement some crowd control (and benefit from it at the same time)? It doesn't seem to be working yet. It's too bad they don't take that extra revenue and pay their cast members better.

I think it is enough with increases with charges and now this fee for fast passes. I love disney and have been going every year for 20 years sometimes more than once a year. It breaks my heart to see the are taking advantage of families we want to give our kids the dream but it shouldn't take a quarter of there college fund to go.

As regular Disney visitor I have to wonder how much fiddling with this stuff Disney expects us to do while we are on vacation. For my last several trips there was so much time spent prior to us leaving trying to get the fast passes we wanted for the parks we were visiting, now we will have to pay for it and do work getting them while we are there.....they are really expecting to much. I should be able to plan and then when I get there enjoy.

I think you're blowing this out of proportion. It's basically a $10 upcharge so you don't have to walk as much. This will be exactly the same as the paper system (and hopefully seamlessly integrated into it), so whether you use the app or the paper you'll still only be able to have one Fastpass at a time. The only change is that instead of walking up to a Space Mountain kiosk to get the next available time, you'll be able to claim the next available time on your phone. You'll still have to wait until you use that Fastpass (or until 2 hours passes) before you can claim another one.

My only concern is how this will work with park hopping. Currently, the DL and DCA Fastpass systems aren't linked, so if you're willing to park hop back-and-forth, you could have a Fastpass for (example) Soarin and Space Mountain at the same time. There's no telling how this will work in the new digital version.

Don't expect any fast passes to be saved for the paper system-they don;t save any for people who buy tickets at the gate at WDW.

Boy it's apparent that I will no longer spend any of my cash in any of the Disney parks.

I am a annual passholder at DisneyWorld but this year might be my last. It's very expensive and the possibility of paying for Fast Passes might be the last straw. It's becoming the land of the wealthy and normal people won't be able to afford the continuing upgrades. I really don't want to go to Disney World and not be able to ride my favorite rides because someone else paid extra for the privilege. I agree that guests staying at a Disney resort can access Fast Passes before regular paying customers but that's about the breaking point. If Disney World decides to offer the "pay extra" for get Fast Passes.. it'll be the end of my many trips to DW.

ENOUGH WITH THE UPCHARGES ALREADY!!! This is really getting ridiculous. It's one thing for dessert parties and ridiculously priced tents but when start actually taking away benefits from other guests and making a tiered guest system that's when you really start making guests mad. I hope the annual pass holders at Disneyland react very negatively to this latest upcharge. They really aught to.

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