Great to see Mystic Manor make your list! As the creative director of both this and Big Grizzly at HKDL, me and an amazing team of Imagineers loved to get the chance to create two original attractions. I loved all the nice ways you described MM. Believe me, I'm always pushing to create unbelievably creative new attractions for our guests!

Crush Coaster from Disneyland Paris would be a great addition to Pixar area of Disney Hollywood Studios :-)

Crush Coaster from Disneyland Paris would be a great addition to Pixar area of Disney Hollywood Studios :-)

I don't want to see any stealing from domestic parks it's easy enough to get to eithor coast that I don't want to have the same experiences at each, which is why I was so dissapointed with the inclusion of little mermaid in new fantasyland. By all means have a little mermaid ride but make it new and use the trackless technology from mystic manor or poohs honey hunt to give the domestic audience a taste of that.

Aquatopia is a really terrible ride. It's a bit like bumper cars that don't bump. You go around a small lagoon where there's really nothing to see and then it's over. Be jealous of Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Pooh's hunny hunt, but not Aquatopia.

Once upon a time, at the Contemporary Resort Marina there was a boat ride much like the one in Tokyo. It didn't allow you to venture out into the lagoon, but the bottom of the single rider boat was much the same. It always reminded me of a big inner tube. It was a lot of fun, and I wish it was still there!

I would love the Tokyo water park ride and the Indiana Jones Adventure to be at WDW!

While these are excellent choices, I would really prefer that Disney World doesn't "steal" ANY attractions from other parks. The parks are becoming too much of the same. I would much rather they come up with something new and innovative so that it is a unique experience visiting various Disney properties.

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