We have been taking our kids from 3 months old. One tip we used to us was to encourage toddlers to use the toilet, we used to say "one goes, we all go" to get them to try to go to the loo regularly to save on accidents. It worked well. My 11 and 9 year olds still remind each other. Lol

I would like to add to #1, Carry Gallon zip lock bags for dirty or wet clothes.

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omg me too! Thanks 90s overalls fashion. It was on Christmas Day too! But I did get some nice pj pants out of it...

I had a bathroom accident when I was 10 at Disney . . . embarrassing. But I didn't want to stop enjoying myself to go to the bathroom!

We are now well seasoned Disney people. On our first visit with kids we were at Customer Relations when the sky opened and dumped rain (LOTS OF RAIN) we have a child in a wheel chair and had a back/pack (diaper bag) filled with lots of extra diapers and changes of clothes including socks for both kids...unfortunately our diaper bag became completely soaked. All of our diapers were "pre-moistened" all big and puffy and we could wring water out of the spare outfits... NOW everything in backpack is in plastic grocery bags. Spare outfit(s) in one, clean diapers in one etc...snacks in zipper bags and maybe an extra zipper bag or two in case we don't finish a snack or meal that we can save it for later. The plastic grocery bag serves well in the event we have a used outfit that needs to be segregated from the other items in the backpack. Please share this info with everyone you know who is travelling to WDW with a diaper bag!!!

we did a lot of these things when we took our 4 yr old granddaughter the first time. We made a habit of making a game of trying to find a bathroom after every ride or attraction we were at. We bought a cute water bottle for her to carry, and at the resorts the ladies that clean the rooms like to decorate the rooms with the toys so she loved to leave them to see how they played all day. ( we told her it was like toy story and when we wernt there they liked to play) She just loved to find the toys in different spots when she went back to the room. Never had an accident or a problem with her the whole time , she just had a ball. On the other hand we took a 9 yr old grandson with us, and he hated it from the moment we got to the entrance to each park we went too. He gave us so many problems acting up that to this day we haven't taken him anywhere with us at all. So it all depends on the kids U take.

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