Alton Towers mansion should be fully restored and put to use: restaurant, teas, weddings, photo shoots, hotel rooms, wax displays such as at Warwick Castle, etc.
I live by Disneyland--we would never let such a feature just sit there uselessly! I was shocked to see everything going on all around, and the main thing a complete wreck. Get folks into the property on trams or a monorail. Better train connections would help bring in the crowds...we stayed somewhere funky starting with Ut--? Bus service? Early closings in summer? Y'all are missing some $$$!! Just saying...

Alton Towers Nemesis The Greatest Rollercoaster Ever Made please never removed it It's Just Such A Brilliant Magical Thrills Ride if ever replaced just rebuild Nemesis Again Number One Rollercoaster of world

I hope you going to plan it well and if you going build more Hotel you to find the staff first who going to work there so good luck with than

I do not think Alton Towers should remove any rides especially Ripsaw, it's a good fast capacity ride. In fact all the rides in forbidden valley have grown and aged into its area and i really feel they should stay.

If Alton Towers want to be more like Disney then don't make rides theme to Sonic, Imperial Leather, be original. I think any ride that has a commercial theme should change to its original state, I even think the pinball theme could become a theme for a arcade themed land.

I really like the idea of the park begin open all year round.

I don't think they should move anything but opposite sonic spinball bring the alton mouse back and submissions gone so bring back thunder loop and near air put the corkscrew coaster back!!!!!!!!

Without the Towers, Alton Towers would not be Alton Towers. Put money into restoring the building bringing it back to life. Opens up a whole new attraction with the likes of Halloween and Fright Nights, there could be themed Murder Mystery events. Maybe open the Towers as a hotel! That would be an amazing achievement! Whatever happens though, it will always be a great Theme Park

It all sounds great but the towers should be given priority it would make a great all year round attraction and could be used for theme days and evenings as Warwick castle does

It would be nice if they could go retro and install some classic Schwarzkopf Roller coasters!

Really looking forward to the future developments but will miss Sonic Spinball if it goes. It's one of my favourite rides there. Surely they could move it to another area of the park? I also wonder about the future of The Flume as every theme park should have a flume ride! Maybe if they done a re-theme (Pirates would make sense) they could regenerate the attraction.

All sounds good.... fingers crossed.

You can tour the towers and gardens as they are this year - - full interactive 360 tours.

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