This is a ride is a slightly glorified fun fair ride. Personally I wouldn't want to queue for this ride any more than 30 minutes. Wanting to make the most of a day out I would rather ride other rides. This is just my personal preference. My reason for this is because the ride can be rather short. For first time riders it can look more violent than it is.

There is no on-ride photo but if you have a group of friends and one willing to stay off the ride, you can get some very good photos. A camera with a zoom and burst mode you should be able to get some great photos. Even without a zoom you are close enough to capture fab moments.

This ride can be very different depending on the weight of people on it and the ride operator. I'm sure if a group of riders shout "water" that is what they will get if the operator is in a good mood or maybe a bad mood. Maybe try shouting "spin" if you don't ask you won't get!

This ride has it goods points and it is what it is. It is worth giving it a try, if only once. My personal preference of not waiting much more than 30 minutes might just save you the feeling of "was that it" I'm sure queue time is a factor for people.

Enjoy in group, just have fun. Maybe better on hotter days, when you don't mind getting wet. Play the game "how wet can you get" with friends. If you prefer play the game "who is the driest."

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