Some rides at Carowinds are fairly unique and help draw people into the place. Other rides there are simply the kind of standard fare you'd expect to find at any amusement park in the country. The "Dodg'ems" attraction fits that bill exactly, for all it consists of is your run-of-the-mill bumper cars.

Riders can get in their own car, or they can pair up and let someone else ride with them or drive them around. There are pull-over straps the drivers need to stick their arms through as "safety" restraints, but they basically accomplish nothing because they're too big and too loose to do anything much. And besides that, once the switch is flipped and your ride time begins, you really couldn't be driving more than 3-4 miles an hour anyway. The only real fun is in trying to drive your car away from anyone else so you don't get hit....or at the very least, so you are only in a position to ram others.

For 2-3 minutes, it's a mildly entertaining ride at most. Basically it's not good for thrills, and not very exciting at all....but it's a good nostalgic kind of ride that lets you be a kid again for those few minutes and just enjoy yourself.

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