Adventure Express is just an overall solid coaster. Even though it's stats make the ride seem quite tame (63 ft tall, 35 mph), trust me it is the exact opposite. You will be delighted at how surprisingly forceful and unique this coaster is...


- Lots of moments of good, fun lateral and positive g-forces (my favorite thing about it)

- Some decent pops of airtime along the way

- 4 themed tunnels

- The action starts right out of the station, reaches its first lift hill at about 1-third of the way through

- Themed lift hill finale with moving animatronics

- A reliable ride

- Excellent hourly capacity (Line moves fast)

- Fun for the whole family while still having elements that many enthusiasts including myself admire (like lateral g's!)


- For some, it can be considered jerky, but I think as long as you anticipate the turns you should be fine

- Ending may seem anti-climactic for first time riders

TIP: This is an amazing front-seat coaster, try it!

LEG-ROOM SUGGESTION: Each of the trains on this ride consist of five 3-row cars, if you want the most leg-room while riding, I suggest you pick the first row of any one of the cars.

This is definitely a ride worth waiting for no matter what. However even if the line looks long just remember that the line moves fast. Even if the que line is completely filled to the entrance it still probably won't take any longer than 25 minutes at the most.

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