Racer is quite the wild ride, don't let the height fool you. Reaching speeds of about 53 mph, this John Allen classic and ACE Roller Coaster Landmark sends you through 8 awesome airtime humps and 10 drops total.


- Very wild, out of control experience

- Startingly fast at the bottoms of the first few drops (my favorite part)

- Lots of ejector and floater 'airtime'

- On most days, both sides of the Racer are operational and actually do race!

- On the lift hill, it gives good views of Firehawk and Flight of Fear to the left, and the beautiful Coney Mall midway to the right

- Excellent hourly capacity (Lines move fast)

- Low height requirement (48") so that even the small ones can ride it if they dare to do so!


- Can give rough rides in certain seats (lots of jackhammering, especially if you're not prepared and haven't ridden it before)

- The old-style wooden coaster trains are not very friendly towards larger guests

SMOOTHNESS TIP: If you want a smoother ride on the Racer, consider riding in the middle row of any one of the 'cars' on the train.

EJECTOR SEAT: Now, if you'd REALLY like to be in for a wild ride, consider riding in seat 1-3 (2 rows from the very front row of the train). Tons of ejector air and very forceful, but you might want to be prepared for a little pain while you're at it;)

You don't need to rush in the morning to get on this ride quickly, lines don't tend to be much longer than 5-10 minutes on a normal summer weekday (Even on weekends, the line is never too terribly long, and if it is remember that the lines tend to move fast).

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