The biggest thrill ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and in my opinion the best ride to ride. On the whole queue time at the Pleasure Beach is good and with no front seat queues the park has a relaxed feel. If you want to ride the front people will willingly go ahead while you wait to take the front seat. If you are dreading the size of this and putting of riding, keep in mind that if the wind gets strong, the ride will close. It is always unpredictable the weather but worth looking at the forecast just incase. Also if it has rained for 3 consecutive hours the day before it will add to the number of people visiting the park. This is because of the rainy day offer where guests can return the next day for free.

With al this in mind it might be worth facing your fears early, you may enjoy the ride that much you will be kicking yourself you didn't go on it earlier. If you dare look at the top of the ride you will see views that are equal to going up the Blackpool Tower, although brief it's a mind blowing view. This ride is fast but doesn't seem like it when your on it, it's a long ride with all sorts of thrills. Some seemingly head chopping bits will get you ducking in your seat and some tilts on the side will get you wondering how far you can lean over without falling out.

Without a doubt a top ride in the UK

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