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Disney parks are constantly changing their refurbishment schedules, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating times and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are a few big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.

In this month's refurbishment update we continue to wait for news for an opening date for the new show,  Finding Nemo: The Big Blue... and Beyond!, Fantasmic and the Walt Disney World railroad. At EPCOT we are set to see a closure due to the upcoming International Food & Wine Festival and Disney's Animal Kingdom is set to get a short closure before the full return of a fan favorite show...

1. Fantasmic! (Disney's Hollywood Studios) 

Image: Disney

Status: Confirmed

Dates: Now -  TBA 2022

Last year it was announced that Fantasmic! would return to Walt Disney World in 2022 after over two years shuttered. And though we don't know exactly when Fantasmic! will be coming back to Disney's Hollywood Studios, it was recently announced that the west coast version of this show will return to Disneyland Park on May 28, so hopefully, the Walt Disney World version of the show will be returning soon as well. 

Work is still continuing on the stadium at Disney's Hollywood Studios, as a permit was just recently filed for improvements in the area. In addition, the moat where the show takes place has been refilled with water and some of the stage equipment has been set up in anticipation of a reopening in the near future. 

This week we have learnt that Fantasmic! will include a new show sequence which will replace the current Pocahontas scene. It is set to be slightly longer, contain technical enhancements and will feature the following characters; Pocahontas, Mulan, Elsa, Aladdin and Moana with each getting their own time to shine within the sequence.

Nothing has still been announced just yet, but with several other entertainment options returning this month, it seems like a reopening for Fantasmic is imminent, we're just waiting on a date. 

2. Finding Nemo: The Big Blue... and Beyond! (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

Image: Disney

Status: Confirmed

Dates: Now -  Summer 2022

Disney confirmed last year that the newly-reworked Finding Nemo show will be named Finding Nemo: The Big Blue... and Beyond!. This show will be coming to the Theater in the Wild at Disney's Animal Kingdom this summer and will be set in the timeline of the Finding Dory film, incorporating events from the sequel.

Although we already knew that the show will take place after the Finding Dory film, it has been reported this week that the story will be told through the eyes of the Tank Gang who appear in a post-credits scene at the end of the film. Gill, Bubbles, Peach, Deb, Bloat, Jacque and Gurgle appear in their bags in the ocean and are then scooped up by employees of the Marine Life Institute. 

The theater will be themed to the Marine Life Institute and will have physical sets including a huge sunken submarine which is 32-foot-long and a 15-foot-tall fish tank volcano. The back drop will consist of a LED video wall which will project scenes and compliment the physical sets.

Fan-favorite songs from "Finding Nemo the Musical" will return in this new version of the show, including "In the Big Blue World" and "Go with the Flow." Still no exact date has been released about when this reworked show will debut but we do now know that it will be sometime in the summer and with rehearsals well underway, having started back in March, we are hoping a date will be announced very soon.

3. Enchanted Tales with Belle (Magic Kingdom)

Image: Disney

Status: Confirmed

Dates: Now -  TBA 

One of the biggest attractions that has yet to return to operation after Walt Disney World's shutdown is Enchanted Tales with Belle. And though this attraction is still listed as temporarily unavailable on Walt Disney World's official website, late last year Disney filed a permit for “general construction”, which could mean that work is being done inside this attraction to get it ready for a reopening in the near future.

Nothing has been confirmed yet and the attraction is still stating 'No times available' on the official calendar up until July 30, but with so many entertainment options reopening in 2022, it would be unfortunate if Enchanted Tales With Belle was left out, especially since it sounds like work is going on at this attraction behind the scenes. 


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