I'm SOOOOO disappointed. I'm finally taking my kids, all of them which is a miracle as far as planning, and my 11 year old and I are Star Wars FANATICS> I've been in love with Star Wars since I was a child myself. I so wanted us to share a Star Wars experience but there is NO WAY IN THE GALAXY that I'm spending $129 EACH after we're already paying about $100 each for our regular tickets to the parks. So disappointed in Disney Hollywood Studios. :-(

$129+? no way! It's one thing to have a special event/party and charge $40-60 per person (we have done The Not So Spooky Party) ...but this is highway robbery. I'd stay away..

We would attend if it was priced more like MNSSHP or MVMCP. At this price, no thanks. We will be attending Star Wars Celebration at the OCCC, don't see the need to pay extra. We have annual passes and can see plenty of Star Wars on a regular day. You

Looked for ward to Star Wars Weekends and am glad I got to go to the last one. It all seems down hill from here for Disney. No way am I paying for a shorter version of what used to be what you got for a regular ticket price. Hope it is a flop and they come to there senses and bring back what the people like.

I wouldn't see a reason to attend unless the celebrity panels and autograph signings from the old Star Wars weekends make a return.

It seems like there is not enough time... 5 hours???. Star Wars weekends happened over three days. It also seems like there are not enough well thought out entertainment opportunities. To me it's like this is just a really expensive party that YOU can wear a costume to, oh and there will be a D.J there. Then some characters will march/drive through but that's as entertaining as they get. Then you can pose with a handful of props (but probably not any characters that are unique!). The lines will be long and poorly managed. Some rides will be open and there will be a celebrity panel but doing that will be a time suck of at least an hour. Then there will be the same lame Fireworks with perhaps a slightly altered projection show on the theater. Maybe we get a projected logo for this offering, maybe not because that costs $$$ and these days it's only about how much $$$ Disney can take from the guest and how little they have to provide in return for that $$$.

I'd be willing to bet that unless Disney goes all out for this (which they won't because that costs them some of the money back they are charging you) this event will be a failure. All of the creative effort seems to be devoted into providing up-charge events with a minimum of effort or creativity. This new Disney model does not make for engaging, WOW type experiences that will endear it's guests and create buzz.

These upcharge events are getting really tiresome. Especially when it was something that used to be included with admission. I wonder if they will allow those attending to come into the park earlier like Mickey's not so scary or the christmas party to bring a little more value to the ticket.

While I'd love to go to this, I'm very much in a wait and see mode. I want to see how this first event pans about before I would commit that much money to going to a hard ticketed event like this. I used to go to SWW every year, we'd make a weekend out of it, and I miss it terribly. However if this is run poorly like some other events at DHS I'm not going to bother.

Rather than "if you build it, they will come" Disney's Field of Dreams is "if you charge for it, they will pay". I know this is not the end of this up-charging, but know I for one will not be attending any event like this. Not because I can't afford it, but I refuse to pay for those things that were once free.

Becoming unaffordable to do much at a Disney park any longer; anticipate continued attendance declines.

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