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Um! Excuse me? Counties don't have mayors? The fact is they have mayors, governors (Rick Scott), comgressmen & Presidtents (Barrack Obama). Or is Orange County a part of some Twilight Zone alternate reality that we've never heard of....

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Counties don't have mayors and the Mayor of Orlando is Buddy Dyer....a man. lol

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Disney welcomed Universal when they opened 10 miles away. This Skyplex thing would actually be seen from inside the park at Islands of Adventure. That kind of break in immersion is something Disney would never allow, and Universal is trying to do the same thing.

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I have to believe all those who were opposed to this project are againt Universal's new development. If this small addion tp I drive would cause a tragic nightmare then a new gate attraction 10 million visitors a year can't be allowed.

Now I think it can be and is good for Orlando but at the same time only those who actually live in the immediate are clhave the right to talk about trafic. Since I do not live in the area I can't complain about trafic. Universal showed their true colors coming out againt this and tried to go behind closed doors are tell thr commission their plans and that is why the commission broke the news about Universal's plans and in my opinion voted unanimously againt Universal.

I believe I-Drive can't handle any further growth. They need to fix what is broken. Pedestrian walkways, parking garages, and improved traffic flow and control should be a bigger priority than another big coaster and the entourage of expensive clubs, shopping, and restaurants. It's getting far too crowded and something bad is bound to happen in an area with families and club folks pushing and shoving for space.

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Perhaps if you were educated you would know the Orange County mayor is a woman...

You say the Mouse wouldn't allow it, but the article mentions that Disney welcomed Universal when they first opened.

I do think the eyesore argument is a laugh. The whole area is already a gaudy joke of a stretch of entertainment. Universal is being a bully.

This the the THIRD article that Amanda Kondolojy has posted disparaging Universal for opposing this Skyplex eyesore. That Disney bias showing again. We all know the Mouse would never let something like Skyplex within earshot of Buena Vista. Universal is protecting its brand and the surrounding area. It's trying to build a neighborhood with Universal at the center, and tacky carnival rides like Skyplex will only hurt Universal in the long run.


What Universal is doing is bad for the growth and development of Orlando as the theme park capital of the world. Building this attraction will open further attraction developers to come to the area. This attraction must be built, not for the sake of the attraction but for the future attraction developers wanting to come to I-Drive.

I cannot believe people. There are at least three attractions in the same corridor as this one that are huge and have massive lighting packages. The wheel, magical midway, and Fun spot skycoaster.

The developers have promised to help develop the surrounding streets with pedestrian bridges, new parking garages and other new infrastructure.

People are saying no to the world's tallest Rollercoaster because it doesn't fit in Orlando, when there are at least 9. Theme parks within 4 miles of this attraction. Seriously.

This is the most hypocritical and monopolistic thing Universal and Comcast could do, and it absolutely sucks that this is going to get vetoed because the mayor is a bought man. I live as close as anyone in the world to this site, about 2 miles away, and I really can't think of anything that would make a cooler addition to the skyline of Orlando than this ride could. I am 150 percent for this unless anyone can give me an argument that makes even 10 percent sense why not.

I think the proponents of this project don't realize what they're in for IF the local gov doesn't step in and do something to control this growth. Believe it or not, there are benefits of "smart growth" - benefits for everyone. Do proponents really think that by putting a height restriction on future construction, that it's going to dissuade future development in the area? Give me a break. It might specifically kill this tacky tower (and others like it) from being built, but this is Orlando - growth will continue. To me, this argument is less about a power struggle, and more about protecting the IP/environment that some companies have already built.

I-drive cannot handle an attraction like that. It can barely handle what it has. I-drive is dangerous with dangerous cross walks, confusing bus only lanes, constant bumper to bumper traffic. The road is too narrow and needs more skywalks to get pedestrians out of the streets. They should spend money to make I-drive actually drivable and parkable first. I drive is not a good location for any more "amusements" the wheel is an eyesore enough imho.

2 other reason Disney and Universal work well together is
1 they are not exactly at each others back doors there's a good bit of space between the two. Sea world is closer.
2 Balance. They both have something to offer the other doesn't. Different themes, different age groups even. Same with Wet & Wild and Sea World ALL these places "get along" because they are different in nature. SeaWorld could use the boost right now maybe the sky people could talk to them :P

I've thought it looked like a tacky eyesore since they first announced their intention to build it. That belongs in Vegas or Atlantic City, not Orlando.

Everybody wants a free market and competition until they are the dominant player, then suddenly the tune changes. Now more attractions and more jobs are bad?

Eyesore. I would definitely vote this down - it not only hurts other tourist attractions, but hurts nearby residents and businesses and anyone else in view, injecting its presence everywhere. I equate projects like this to billboards in residential zones, or smokers in restaurants - one bad egg diminishes value for everyone. But then again, I personally feel like there should be height restrictions on buildings everywhere in the US (except existing city cores).

Build it, I'm not a fan of Universal anyway!

Not only do I whole heartedly agree with every single thing you said here, but I have gone so far as to share this & other articles like it on my fan page! I have done my part by calling Universal (my favorite resort) & telling them that what they are doing is simply wrong! I have also emailed the mayor & all the commissioners that will be involved in this vote & expressed my sincerest wishes that this AMAZING project move foreward! I urge EVERYONE TODO THE SAME TODAY! We need to let them know Orlando & Florida residents stand behind this project!!!

PS: This is not the only project that Universal Orlando Resort is openly opposing! They are also trying to stop ISquare & the world tallest starflyer as well as Unicorps massive new project as well. A vote "NO" tomorrow hands one company, TOO MUCH POWER!!!

After a recent visit to Orlando this past week, I can say the area is littered with neon lit cranes, roller coasters, and a giant oddity called the Eye, (or something like that) I-Drive use to be the place to stay while visiting Disney and you can still find some decent places to stay. However, the feel of the place is damaged by the carnival like atmosphere, and an increase in crime. On subject though...I-Drive would be a perfect home for SKYPLEX for these very reasons. Universal has no reason to bully the people of Orlando is that's what they want. After all, are they not the same people that allowed this strange concept of a movie theme park to open it's gates?

I agree with this story. What Universal is doing is bad for Orlanda and all theme park lovers. I think everyone should call Universal and express their outrage at Universal for oposing this competitor. We should all want as many different attractions as possible. If Universal gets its way we will all lose.

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