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Knott's Berry Farm Reviews and Guide

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Key information

Buena Park, California, USA

Official website:
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Located in Buena Park, California, Knott's Berry Farm is owned and operated by Cedar Fair. Although it features the chain's standard array of steel roller coasters and thrill rides, it also boasts a range of unique, and in some cases historic, attractions. Many of these are housed in the legendary Ghost Town area, including the Timber Mountain Log Ride (which inspired Disney's Splash Mountain) and the Calico Mine Ride (a journey through a mock gold mine). The big-hitters in the park's coaster line-up are Xcelerator (an Intamin Accelerator Coaster), Silver Bullet (a Bolliger & Mabillard inverted coaster) and Timberline Twister (a sprawling wooden coaster). The majority of the park's kids' rides are housed in the Camp Snoopy area.

History: As its name suggest, Knott's Berry Farm was originally just that: a berry farm owned by Walt Knott and his family. In 1934, the family began offering chicken dinners in an on-site restuarant, and a number of other attractions soon followed. The iconic Ghost Town was constructed during the 1940s, with an admission fee being introduced in 1968. Following the deaths of Walt and Cordelia Knott, their children sold the theme park to Cedar Fair in 1997. Since then, the focus has been on installing major roller coasters and thrill rides such as the towering Supreme Scream drop tower, with the Soak City water park also debuting in 1999.

Top Rides and Shows:

Mystery Lodge
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Silver Bullet
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0 reviews
Calico Mine Ride
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1 review
Sierra Sidewinder
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0 reviews
Rip Tide
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0 reviews

Top Restaurants:

Boardwalk BBQ
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0 reviews
Calico Funnel Cakes
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0 reviews
Bigfoot Broiler
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Cave Inn
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Chow House
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Knott's Berry Farm has announced that it will completely overhaul the Calico Mine Ride and the Camp Snoopy area for the 2014 season.

The Calico Mine Ride is one of Knott's Berry Farm's oldest and most enduring attractions, taking takes guests on a train journey through a mock gold mine populated by scenes of miners at work. The look-and-feel is similar to Disney's Big Thunder Mountain (and, indeed, is often said to have inspired the Disney attraction), although it is very much a dark ride rather than a roller coaster.