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Today is: Fri 25th April, 2014
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Are you interested in writing great content for Theme Park Tourist? We are always happy to publish interesting features - whether from theme park bloggers, roller coaster fans or anyone else who has theme park-related insight that would be of interest to our readers. And we'll pay you to write about something you love!

Please note that we do not accept posts from public-relations staff who wish to promote their clients or employers - please refer to our advertising options instead. We're more than happy for you to link to your own theme park-related blog or website in the "About the Author" section of your articles, as long as it's a non-commercial site.

Also, we will only publish unique, great content. We reserve the right to reject any submissions that do not meet these two criteria.

What sort of posts are we looking for?

We're open to almost any type of article, as long as it is well written and will appeal to our audience of theme park fans. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ride and attraction reviews - we'll publish well-constructed reviews of any theme park ride, show or restaurant (as long as we haven't previously published a review on the same topic).
  • Top 10 lists - top 10 lists are always a great read. Steer clear of the obvious ones, though - we already know what the tallest roller coaster in the world is.
  • Mobile app reviews - have you used a theme park's mobile app to navigate around the park? Let us know how you got on with it!
  • Trip reports - if you've been to a slightly out-of-the-ordinary theme park, or one that is located in a country other than the UK or US, then we'd love to hear about it and so would many of our readers. We don't really need "plain" trip reports from major theme parks in the UK and US, but if you can find an unusual angle to write about then we'd love to read it!

Got a great idea for a article?

Here's what to do to get your article published on Theme Park Tourist:

  1. E-mail us a pitch - let us know what you to want write about and why you're the perfect person to write about it. Please be specific - rather than saying that you'll write an article "about theme park X", propose a specific article such as "the top 3 rollercoasters at theme park X".
  2. Write the article - if we accept your pitch, write around 750-1000 words on your proposed topic (this a guideline only - we'll publish great features of any length). Please read our format guidelines below before sending the article to us, and make sure you proofread it beforehand (we won't publish articles that are riddled with spelling or grammatical errors).
  3. Include a biography - let us have a short, two-sentence bio for inclusion at the end of your article. You can include a link to your blog or website if you have one.
  4. Include some photos - we love to include photos alongside our articles. Please let us have at least 3-4 relevant, eye-catching photos in .jpg form to use in your article, with a minimum width of 800 pixels. The photos don't have to be yours - they just need to be Creative Commons licensed (and credited appropriately). Submissions without photos will not be accepted.
  5. Add it to our system - we'll provide you with instructions on how to upload your article to our content management system.

When you're ready to propose a post, just drop us an e-mail. Thanks!

What do we pay?

We'll pay you 2 cents per word up to a maximum of $20 per article. Please note that we do not accept articles of less than 500 words.

Review guidelines

For ride and attraction reviews, we try to follow a standard format (check out our review of WindSeeker at Cedar Point for a good example). We're happy for you to deviate from this where it makes sense, but please try to cover:

  • An introduction to the ride/attraction.
  • An overview of its location within the park.
  • What the queuing experience is like, and whether lines are typically long or short.
  • The ride experience itself.
  • Any plot/theming elements.
  • A closing "Our Thoughts" section which summarises your views on the ride/attraction.
  • A rating out of 10 (where 10 is essentially a perfect ride).


Thanks for your interest in writing for Theme Park Tourist, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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