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    The Top 5 Restaurants at Epcot

    Via Napoli

    Walt Disney World’s Epcot offers some of the most diverse dining experiences of any theme park in the world. The park’s World Showcase area, which can be compared to a permanent World’s Fair, boasts 11 pavilions, each dedicated to a different country. An evening spent touring the area, sampling some of the culinary delights on offer, is an essential part of any visit to the Florida resort. Since we launched our theme park guideslast year, we’ve kept a close eye on the ratings and reviews that our readers have given to restaurants at 90+ parks all over the globe. As we’re focusing on Epcot as our “Park of the Month”, and to encourage more of our readers to rate Epcot’s offerings, here’s a rundown of the top 5 restaurants at the park, according to the ratings so far.

    5. Via Napoli

    Via Napoli

    Image © Disney

    Via Napoli is one of World Showcase’s cheaper restaurants, particularly when compared to nearby Tutto Italia in the Italy Pavilion. The family-friendly eatery serves pastas, salads and gelato, but the Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in its wood burning ovens are the main attraction.

    4. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

    Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

    Image © Disney

    Home to Epcot’s signature character dining experience, the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is located in the elegant cathedral-themed setting of the Norway Pavilion. For a price, diners can enjoy their meal accompanied by Disney Princesses. Delicious veggie-stuffed pasta, meatballs, and chicken breast round out a royal buffet that stands as one of Epcot’s priciest options at all three mealtimes, but is a memorable experience.

    3. Le Cellier Steakhouse

    Le Cellier Steakhouse

    Image: Mark Adams

    Frequently fully-booked months in advance, Le Cellier is one of Epcot’s most enduringly popular restaurants. Located in the wine cellar of the Canada pavilion’s chateau, the heavily-themed dining location offers food that’s delectably different, but close to home. Pan-seared seafood and filet mignon bring the best of the True North to Florida.

    2. Teppan Edo

    Image: Disney

    Foregoing the modern, sleek atmosphere of nearby Tokyo Dining, this restaurant in the Japan Pavilion offers hibachi-style dining. You’ll be entertained as well as well-fed, with chefs cooking up the food at your table by skilled chefs on a steaming hot grill. Chicken, shrimp and steak are on offer, as well as an excellent vegetarian plate.

    1. San Angel Inn

    San Angel Inn

    Arguably the most visually-stunning eatery at Epcot, the San Angel places diners in a courtyard before a looming temple at sunset. With jungle trees and a distant volcano adding to the atmosphere, you can choose from a range of pricy but tasty Mexican favourites. Editor’s note: My wife and I ate at the San Angel Inn on the first night of our honeymoon. It was a magical, romantic experience, and one that we’ll always remember fondly.

    What are your favourites?

    What are your favourite restaurants at Epcot? Do you agree with the rankings above? Let us know by adding your own ratings and reviews.