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Yoshi’s Adventure Ride Begins Dummy Testing And New Rumor For Universal Monsters Headlining Attraction At Universal’s Epic Universe

UPDATE January 18 – In the latest construction update posted to YouTube on January 17 by Theme Park Stop, we get to see all the recent developments at Universal’s Epic Universe which is set to open in summer 2025.

We are summarizing the highlights from the update which includes images from Bioreconstruct. The full video is embedded below.

At the entrance to Universal’s Epic Universe we get to see arches are being added. New permits filed give further details to the use of space at the entrance of the park which is set to include a large retail space, wheelchair and stroller rental, lost and found, lockers, guest services, health services, restrooms, photo pick up and a Starbucks.

In the central section which is expected to be called Celestial Park, decorative framing and gold paint is being applied to the carousel ride, Constellation Carousel.  Mesh for rockwork is being installed around the track on the Starfall Racers dual roller coaster. The large show fountain expected to be called Oculus is getting a blue finish to its bottom.

For those of you who are interested, a POV created in Planet Coaster of Starfall Racers has been posted this week to YouTube by CoasterLoopings360 and is embedded below.

In The Dark Universe, the windmill themed dining location has been revealed. The curvy pathways are going into place for the Curse of the Werewolf spinning ride and the manor gate wall is starting to receive its final paintwork.

We hear a new rumor for the headlining attraction for Dark Universe, Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment that in the pre-show there will be an animatronic Frankenstein’s Monster figure walk into view of guests. This rumor is backed up by a patent filed by Universal which is shared on the video allowing an animatronic figure to walk.

In the How To Train Your Dragon Land, Isle of Berk a sign is now in place for the snack stand, Grog & Gruel. Painting can be seen on restrooms and framing for the dragon houses has been installed.

The exciting news in Super Nintendo World is that the Yoshi Adventure ride is now being testing with weighted dummies. We will continue to update you with the progress on Universal’s Epic Universe over the coming weeks and months.

Image: Bioreconstruct

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UPDATE January 10 – Universal’s Epic Universe is set to open by summer 2025. In a new construction update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Stop we get to see the latest construction developments on Universal’s Epic Universe as well as recent rumors. 

To begin with we hear news that new official concept art is expected to be released later this month. The Universal Legacy store at CityWalk in set to close in the coming days to be replaced with the Epic Universe Preview Center which is assumed to open around June.

Image: Universal

The phrase “YOU GOTTA SEE THIS” has been trademarked by Universal which we assume will be used in the extensive marketing campaign which is expected to begin this year in preparation for the official opening of Universal’s Epic Universe in 2025.

The two onsite hotels, The Stella Nova Resort and the Terra Luna Resort which will open at Universal’s Epic Universe are already taking bookings. We still await confirmation of when reservations will open for the third, Helois Grand Hotel and it is expected that this will be sometime in the coming months. We will update you on this information as soon as it is announced.

Tickets for Universal’s Epic Universe are expected to go on sale later this year.

The most recent construction update from Theme Park Stop is now available to watch on YouTube and is embedded below. We have taken the key highlights from this update as can be seen below.

  • The key highlights include:
    Beacons for each Land being installed including the Dark Universe which is an electrical tower inspired by the Frankenstein story, How To Train Your Dragon The Isle Of Berk which is a weather vane at the top of a tower featuring Toothless and Wizarding World Ministry of Magic has its hand holding a golden wand beacon installed. 
  • Portal plates are also expected to be installed
  • Jagged rock work has been added along the manor walls for the walkway leading into the rides queue building for the headlining attraction, Monsters Unchained The Frankenstein Experiment which is set to include all the classic Universal monsters. 
  • How To Train Your Dragon Land is rumored to feature robotic Dragon drones which may be seen flying overhead.
  • Yoshi ride vehicles are now covered in a green plastic wrap
  • Interactive wand experiences are expected in window displays in the Wizarding World Ministry of Magic. 
    As a result of this, upgrades to interactive wand experiences at Universal Orlando resort are expected as well as the introduction of new interactive wands which are expected to contain replaceable batteries, haptics and new connectivity to the official Universal App. The old interactive wands can still be used but new wands will be needed for improved visual effects and additional functionality. Updates at Universal Orlando Resort and the new interactive wands are expected to debut this year.
  • Work is progressing on the Kirkman Road Circle Ramp which will be a ground floor intersection with a large round fly over ramp just for guests to access Universal’s Epic Universe. The County has confirmed that it should be completed by the end of 2024.

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December 30 – Capture The Magic has posted a new video construction update to YouTube using the recent photos posted to Twitter by Bioreconstruct. For a full set of photos on the latest update on Epic Universe head to Bioreconstruct’s twitter page, here.

The video is embedded below and now let’s explore the developments land by land…

Dark Universe


The Entrance Beacon has been installed in the Dark Universe and more trees have been planted at the Curse of the Werewolf roller coaster where we can see a forest appearing.

At the Dark Manor further theming has been added including a fountain, a small building and stone wall theming. The Show building is completed but theming is likely to be added to obscure this from site when Epic Universe opens.

Wizarding World


The Entrance beacon was installed in this land which has been confirmed as being a golden hand holding a wand. A lot of scaffolding is still evident.

Super Nintendo World


Concrete forms are rising and theming is developing on the entrance portal. Temporary fencing around the track for potential ride testing. Supports have been added to the Donkey Kong roller coaster. Brick theming has been added on the buildings.

How To Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk


The entrance beacon of a dragon has now been installed. The bay and land is now filled with water and theming is being developed including stairs and a dock near a sculped concrete Viking boat. Ride testing has been happening on the pair of spinning dragon rides.

Further rock work has been added to the second launch of the How To Train Your Dragon coaster and we are also likely to see a barn scene. There is also expected to be a kids play area in this land which is being worked on.

Celestial Gardens


Further work has been achieved on the kids splash pad area as can be seen above.



The colorful tiles shine in the sunlight on the off park hotels. The in park hotel continues to progress and work is taking place on the dome sitting on top. Work is also taking place on the pool bar.


We will continue to update you on further developments at Universal’s Epic Universe throughout 2024.

December 29 – A new photo has been posted online to X showing the Yoshi carts on the track for Yoshi’s Adventure in Super Nintendo World at Universal’s Epic Universe.


In a previous update we got to see that work continues on Universal’s massive new Epic Universe project as this new project speeds towards its projected summer 2025 opening date. When open, Epic Universe will feature three hotels, one theme park, and a shopping and dining district, similar to CityWalk.

Though Universal hasn’t officially confirmed much about its new expansion, there have been some exciting new developments over the past few weeks that those eagerly anticipating this project will definitely want to know about! From the accidental reveal of a probable opening date to a key component of the Universal Monsters land taking shape, here’s the latest: 

1. Construction on new Epic Universe transportation project scheduled to finish next year


In order for guests to effectively get to Universal Epic Universe, some epic roadways are being constructed, including an eight-lane extension of Kirkman Road, which will include dedicated bus lanes and a massive elevated traffic circle to help funnel guests to the destination without disrupting local traffic. And while this new road project is still heavily under construction, it has been confirmed that work will conclude by the end of 2024. 

Though Universal Epic Universe isn’t set to open until summer 2025, this road may actually be in use several months earlier, especially if a new leak is to be believed… 

2. Universal Stella Nova Resort potentially opening in January 2025


Though the Epic Universe theme park is currently targeting a summer 2025 opening date, a leak from an accidentally published website may indicate that the hotels being built to support the new theme park could open sooner. 

According to an official hotel page that was hosted on the Lowe’s website (but then quickly taken down) the new 750-room Universal Stella Nova Resort, (which is half of the two-hotel complex that includes the adjoining Terra Luna hotel), may be opening as soon as Jan. 21, 2025, which is well in advance of the opening of the theme park. 

Though this date could have just been a placeholder on a temporary page that was not meant to be published, it would make sense for the hotels to open before the theme park, especially if they are fully built out and ready to accept guests. Not only would an early opening give these hotels the opportunity to train staff fully, but guests who stay at these hotels could enjoy a little taste of the Epic Universe experience before the rest of the resort opens, with potentially a lower room rate as well.

And of course while these hotels are closest to Epic Universe, they’re not that far from the existing Universal Orlando Resort theme parks, and guests could enjoy convenient transportation using the bus lines on the aforementioned roads to get from their hotel to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. 

3. Universal Monsters Land entrance portal revealed

As construction forges ahead at Epic Universe’s Universal Classic Monsters land (which is expected to be called “Dark Universe”) new aerial photos show what the land’s entry portal will look like, with dark trees, roots, and vines covering a dark and foreboding tunnel, which will serve as entrance to this land. 

This portal will be one of many themed entryways that will lead to each land in Epic Universe, the iconic green pipe that will lead guests into Super Nintendo World, already having been spotted by eagle-eyed fans checking out construction photos.