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    Which Of These Celebrity Cameos From The Walt Disney World Attractions Is Your Favourite?

    Gary Sinese at Walt Disney World's EPCOT attraction Mission: SPACE

    Walt Disney World’s first-class attraction line-up has featured some incredibly exciting famous faces across the years, whether it be in a pre-show video, or during the actual attractions themselves.

    While this trend of fronting rides with celebrity ambassadors was certainly more popular back in the earlier days of Disney, some famous faces can still be seen in these attractions today. 

    Let’s take a look at some of Walt Disney World’s past and present celebrity cameos and be sure to let us know which of these is your favourite down below! 

    1. Gary Sinise – Mission: SPACE at EPCOT 

    Gary Sinese at Walt Disney World's EPCOT attraction Mission: SPACE
    Image: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/aloha75/8304523493">Flickr</a>, Steven Miller (<a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/">license</a>)

    Mission: SPACE’s opening first introduced guests to Gary Sinise’s CAPCOM back in 2003. The actor led the pre-show video for this dizzying EPCOT attraction before accompanying riders throughout the duration of their journey to Mars. Sinise was later removed from the ride in 2017 and replaced by actress Gina Torres.

    2. Michael Jackson – Captain EO at EPCOT

    Captain EO was an intergalactic-themed short film that was shown at EPCOT between 1986 and 1998, produced by George Lucas and starring Michael Jackson. A nostalgic appearance for many, Jackson’s presence in the park was later replaced by Honey I Shrunk The Audience, although the film returned to the park in 2010 following the star’s tragic death. 

    3. Ellen DeGeneres – Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure at EPCOT 

    Television’s own Ellen DeGeneres took over as the spokesperson for EPCOT’s Universe of Energy attraction in 1996 until 2017 saw the attraction close to make way for Guardians of Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Alongside DeGeneres, this attraction featured a handful of other famous faces: Bill Nye the Science Guy, Jamie Lee Curtis and Alex Trebek.

    4. Judi Dench – Spaceship Earth at EPCOT 

    Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World's EPCOT
    Image: Disney

    Actress Judi Dench narrates EPCOT’s flagship attraction Spaceship Earth, guiding you on your tour through some of history’s most pivotal moments in the development of communication. The ride was previously narrated by actor Jeremy Irons before Dench took over in 2008, encouraging riders to thank the Phoenicians to this day.

    5. Patrick Warburton – Soarin’ Around The World at EPCOT 

    Patrick Warburton recording for Soarin' at Walt Disney World's EPCOT
    Image: Disney

    Actor Patrick Warburton serves as your chief flight attendant in the pre-show video for Soarin’, briefing you on the safety precautions for your upcoming flight with his instantly recognisable voice. The ride opened in 2001 with Warburton having remained a fan-favourite Disney cameo ever since. 

    6. Martin Short – O Canada! at EPCOT 

    Actor and comedian Martin Short led this sweet addition to EPCOT’s Canada pavilion, which served as an ode to Canada and was presented in circle-vision. Having taken over the attraction in 2007, Short was later replaced by Schitt’s Creek co-stars Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy when the attraction became Canada: Far and Wide in 2020. 

    7. Aerosmith – Rock N Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios 

    Rock n Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios
    Image: Disney

    The ever-prominent musicians rock and rolled their way into Hollywood Studios back in 1999, fronting their very own attraction that remains a popular option within the bustling park today. Featuring a number of the band’s chart-topping hits, guests can catch Aerosmith themselves in the ride’s pre-show room, where riders are granted “backstage passes” by the band before boarding. 

    8. Eric Idle – Journey Into Imagination with Figment at EPCOT

    Since 1999, actor and comedian Eric Idle has played Dr. Nigel Channing at the Imagination Institute in this whimsical and wonderfully nostalgic EPCOT attraction. After Figment’s addition to the attraction in 2002, Channing now keeps a watchful eye over the purple dragon’s playful antics and plays a significant role throughout the ride’s duration. 

    9. Robin Williams – The Timekeeper at Magic Kingdom

    Opening in 1994 in the Magic Kingdom, The Timekeeper attraction saw actor Robin Williams voice its witty titular character, Timekeeper. Just one of Williams’ wonderful contributions to the Walt Disney Company, 2002 would eventually see the attraction close its doors and Williams’ Timekeeper officially become a piece of Disney history. 

    Which of these celebrity cameos is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll or by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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