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    What to Pack for Your Orlando Theme Park Holiday

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    No matter which hotel you choose or which theme park you spend the most time in, packing the right items will save you both time and money on your Florida holiday. You need to be selective when you pack, since every item you bring adds to the weight – and the transport cost -of your luggage. Bring just what you need and make sure your bags aren’t too heavy to carry through a crowded airport for best results

    Check the weather

    About a week before you leave for holiday, check the weather forecast for Orlando, Florida. Knowing what conditions to expect can help you decide what to bring with you. If you see a lot of rain or thunderstorms in the forecast, then a rain jacket with a hood is a good idea.

    Casual and comfortable clothing

    Touring the Orlando theme parks means plenty of walking, so comfortable clothing that fits well is your best bet. While you may want to pack one special outfit for an evening out, plan on bringing mostly casual clothing.

    Shoes for walking

    Main Street, USA

    The most important thing you pack for your trip is likely the last one you’ll think about. The shoes you bring can make or break your Orlando holiday, since you will spend most of your time touring on foot. Bring the most comfortable pair you own; if you buy new shoes for the trip be sure to break them in before you arrive. Make a mistake and bring the wrong pair of shoes? There are First Aid centers in every Disney theme park that can provide you with free bandages for your blisters!


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    Even if you are traveling in the winter months, it may be warm enough to swim on your Orlando holiday. All of the Disney resorts and water parks feature heated pools, so you should be able to take a dip even if the calendar says winter. Swimwear doesn’t take up a lot of room, so it is worth adding, just in case. Include a swim diaper for any toddlers or infants in your party; you’ll need it if you plan on swimming with a little one.

    Money and Credit cards

    Bring along both cash and credit cards, and look for the best exchange rates before you travel, not after you arrive. If you are staying at a Disney-owned property, you can get a card that allows you to charge purchases to your room, then pay your bill when you check out. You’ll need a valid credit card to take advantage of this service, but it will save you from worrying about currency conversion rates and dealing with unfamiliar currency.

    Copy of your Itinerary

    Before you leave home, print out your total itinerary, including information about your flight, rental car, hotel and your payment details. Having this information at your fingertips while you travel will prevent errors and help you get where you are going.

    An empty suitcase

    If you do a lot of shopping, bring along an empty or almost empty suitcase. You can fill it with souvenirs as you shoo – and you’ll know when you run out of room. Nothing puts a damper on your holiday faster than running out of room and having no way to get your purchases home.


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    Pack your camera and plenty of film or memory cards. You can buy batteries on site if needed, or you can bring these along as well. You can buy film, batteries and memory cards in all of the Orlando theme parks, but these items are expensive on-site.


    Bring along any prescription medications you take regularly; you may not be able to find what you need on-site. If you are traveling by plane, pack these items in your carry-on if possible, You can find simple over the counter medications in both resorts and theme parks, though these items are often kept out of site. You can ask for what you need at the register, or report to the First Aid Center if you need assistance.

    What you won’t need

    If you are staying in a Disney resort, or one of Universal Orlando’s on-site resorts, you won’t need to pack items like hair dryers or irons; these things are provided.