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    Walt Disney Company Stock Is On The Slide, Is Chapek To Blame?

    It is clearly plain to see that the Walt Disney Company stock price is on the slide. This has been the case over the last 9 months where the stock price has fallen from $185.15 back in October 2021 to $94.22 at the close of yesterday (June 14).

    This certainly shows that investors think that there is something wrong with the Walt Disney Company. 

    Disney meet and greet, Disney
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    On June 9, the Walt Disney Company named Dana Walden as Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content after the firing of Peter Rice. This has led many people to speculate about the reasoning behind this decision.

    It is no secret that many Disney fans have lost faith in Bob Chapek as CEO although Susan Arnold, Chairwoman of Disney’s Board, confirmed last week after the firing of Peter Rice that Chapek has the “support and confidence” of the Board. Many have questioned whether Chapek’s contract which is due to expire in February 2023, will be extended but a report published on Business Insider said that it is “likely” to be extended. 

    Bob Chapek, Disney
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    From the word “likely”, it doesn’t sound like a sure thing by any means and with the stock price still on the slide it does lead us to question whether Bob Chapek will continue as the Walt Disney World CEO for much longer.

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