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Viewing Windows Spotted In VelociCoaster Queue At Universal’s Islands Of Adventure

We have brought you a number of photo and video updates which have been posted online of this much anticipated new coaster in the last few months. Progress has been steaming ahead which has been amazing to see. The track has been complete for a number of months and we have seen testing taking place with two cleverly tarp covered cars with the InGen Logo on them. 

Velocicoaster is based on the Jurassic World family of films and will take guests on a whirlwind ride as 
Jurassic World unveils the next evolution of its “carnivore expansion”: The VelociCoaster. We saw a Velociraptor being craned into the attraction and it is a Velociraptor pack that guests will hunt alongside as the chase heats up.

VelociCoaster, James Peters
Image: James Peters

This new coaster features over 4,700 feet of track and reaches heights of up to 155 feet with launches, barrel rolls, twists and turns and that signature top hat element all within an extensively themed area which is set to blow our minds. 

A detailed photo update has been posted to thecoasterkings.com this week including a photo from @bioreconstruct of windows spotted in the queue line. A number of new features can be seen on the photo construction update including:

  • A Jurassic Park- themed back to the locker center for Harry Potter and the Forbideen Journey.
  • Bamboo and walls with further theming to separate VelociCoaster from Hogwarts.
  • Electrical fences as scenery and yellow walls can be seen, again to bridge the gap between the two rides in the area.
  • New fencing around the exit of the second launch is being put up.
  • Further greenery, including palm trees and water plants, and rock work can be seen. The blending of the theming is really taking shape.
  • An exciting feature of the VelociCoaster queue that has been spotted is the addition of windows which means that guests will be able to see the trains accelerate through the second launch while waiting to ride.
Jurassic World, Universal's Islands of Adventure
Image: Universal

VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is currently set to open in Spring 2021. Let us know what you think about this new attraction by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.