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The Ultimate Disney Dining Recommendation for EVERY Type of Eater

Image - Flickr, mike_miley

In the last 15-20 years, Walt Disney World has become just as much a culinary destination as it is a vacation kingdom. And wisely so! As American food culture has matured, and as we’ve all grown more appreciative of the things we choose to consume, Disney has followed the trend and put together a world class collection of restaurants. 

And, naturally, it can be impossible to pick one from the pack. 

There are dozens of amazing spots to try, and most of us only get to visit Walt Disney World for a handful of days every couple of years. It’s impossible to try them all, and so, we have to resort to educated guesses.

Everyone likes to get something different from their meal. Some just want the extra energy, and they’re happy to go about their day. Some want their dinner to share the flavors of a far-off culture. Some want something simple and tasty. 

We all have a type, and here’s a suggestion of the perfect Disney restaurant for each type of diner. 

The Instagrammer — Morimoto Asia

Image - Flickr, mike_miley

Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs is an absolute gem of a restaurant. Created by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, this restaurant offers pan-Asian cuisine in an utterly stylish but unpretentious open-dining room. 

But you’re not just any kind of diner. You need to take that perfect photo that captures both the incredible presentation of your dish and the stunning ambiance of the place in which you consumed it. For that, there is no better restaurant. 

Plated to refined perfection, and delicious in every conceivable way, Morimoto Asia is easily the trendiest restaurant at Walt Disney World, and would be a worthy addition to the ‘Gram.  

The Culinary Adventurer — Sanaa

Image - Disney

Among Animal Kingdom Lodge’s restaurants, Jiko gets all the attention — and rightly so. But, Sanaa is, arguably, the most overlooked gem in the entirety of Walt Disney World. A big part of that is, of course, its adventurous menu. 

Influenced primarily by Indian and African flavors, Sanaa’s menu is as unique a restaurant as you can find in Orlando. Featuring dishes like Butter Chicken, Sosatie (a curry dish with lamb), and Biryani (a potted rice dish, with some spice of course), Sanaa is as adventurous as it gets at Walt Disney World. 

You may have to convince the more picky eaters among your group to stop in here. But the restaurant’s famed Bread Service (and the traditional New York Strip hiding on the menu) should be enough to lure them in. 

The Michelin Guide Devotee — Victoria and Albert

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No, technically, Victoria and Albert does not have a Michelin star — one of the most prestigious distinctions in dining. But what it does have is a decades-long run as a AAA Five Diamond Award recipient (one of only three restaurants in Florida to have such an award). It’s received countless other distinctions, including awards from Forbes, Trip Advisor, Wine Spectator, and many other places. 

If you are looking for fine dining at Walt Disney World, there is no other option even in the same conversation.

Chef Scott Hunnel prepares a seasonal tasting menu that is an elegant and refined tour of the culinary world. One recent menu included everything from gulf shrimp and Maine scallops to Kobe beef.

It is not inexpensive, naturally, but you are someone for whom this meal is the centerpiece of your vacation. And, if you’re looking to push it to yet another level, there’s a 10-course Chef’s Table as well. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The Gourmand — Ohana

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Victoria and Albert’s is for the gourmets, but they can be a bit fussy. That’s where the gourmands come in: people who love to eat — plenty of food, and all kinds. 

For you, friends, there is a paradise, and it is called Ohana. 

It is not the only all-you-care-to-eat option at Walt Disney World, but it is the best — serving up Brazilian-steakhouse-style skewers of meat that guests can call to their table on a whim. 

The meats, ranging from chicken, to steak, to shrimp, are the heart of the meal, but Ohana’s famed sides — including a delicious lo mein and vegetable stir fry — make it the calling card of the Disney gourmand. 

Just leave room for dessert: the Bread Pudding might be the most beloved dish for sweettooths at Walt Disney World. 

The Spectacle Seeker — California Grill

Image - Flickr, frankfranc

I’m simple. If you can give me delicious food, and then punctuate it with arguably the greatest fireworks show on the planet, I’m happy. 

The California Grill’s food is amazing, which makes all the more shocking that the food is entirely secondary to the experience. Perched atop the Contemporary Resort, guests at the California Grill are greeted with the best view on Disney property. Large, floor to ceiling windows encircle the restaurant, making you feel like you’re eating in the world’s most luxurious hot air balloon. 

But, to top it all off, guests who eat here are welcome to return to watch the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show from an open-air gallery on the roof of the Contemporary — complete with the soundtrack. If you time it right, the fireworks start right as your meal concludes, and it will be a memory you’ll never forget.  

The Meat and Potatoes — Yachtsman Steakhouse

Image - Disney

Yes, Disney has all the fancy cuisines you’d expect from a cosmopolitan community, but for some, that means exactly zip. 

For those who love the standard meat and potatoes meal — the one they’ve had their whole life, and which feels as cozy as a parent’s hug — there’s the Yachtsman Steakhouse. 

Serving meat that is butchered in-house, and with a perfect location just off Crescent Lake by Epcot, the Yachtsman has one of the best plates of beef at Walt Disney World. 

Meat and potatoes are classics for a reason: They never go out of style. And, Yachtsman is there to keep that style fresh and new. 

The “I’m in Florida: Where’s the Darn Seafood?” — Flying Fish

Image - Disney

Just across the lake from the Yachtsman is Flying Fish. This restaurant has had a few incarnations in its existence, but it’s currently experiencing its best. Serving inventive, fresh seafood in a refined and elegant dining room, it’s in the conversation for best dining experience at Walt Disney World. 

And the seafood itself is delicious. Usually serving a selection of fish from the world’s oceans — and at least one local sampling — the food is prepared so as to enhance the fish rather than distract from it. It’s an amazing meal. 

Some might argue for Narcoosee’s here, which is good but doesn’t quite have the same singular focus on seafood as Flying Fish. But, frankly, you can’t go wrong with either. 

The Not Picky, but Selective Eater — The Boathouse

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Some people know what they like, and that’s that. They’ve tried other stuff, and it’s fine, but food is meant to be enjoyed and they know what they enjoy. For them, and for all of us really, there’s the Boathouse. 

While also technically a seafood menu, The Boathouse offers something for everyone. Delicious burgers and steaks, exquisite fried seafood platters, fish tacos, raw oysters — even a French Dip. 

The Boathouse is relatively new at Walt Disney World, but it has quickly become one of the essential dining experiences on property. Not only because they offer such a wide variety of food, but because everything they do is delicious. 

Even if you’re choosy, you don’t have to resort to an obligatory afterthought. Your food has as much care put into it as anyone’s on the table. 

And that is ultimately the thing about Walt Disney World, and what makes it so unique in vacation destinations: Everyone is valued, no matter their taste. If you want something, you’ll find it.