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TRON Lightcycle / Run Construction Racing Along With Another Milestone

One of the biggest projects that has been labelled a “priority” for Disney in the months to come is TRON Lightcycle / Run at the Magic Kingdom, with work on this new attraction moving speedily ahead since it was able to resume several months ago. 

Earlier this week Walt Disney Imagineering’s Zach Riddley posted a couple of construction photos of this upcoming attraction that show the placement of the first canopy piece that will form the iconic lighted “Upload Conduit” wave structure over the outdoor part of the roller coaster. You can see it being carefully loaded in to place below: 

Original estimates for this attraction’s opening date were set at fall 2021 to coincide with Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, but with work paused last spring, it seemed safe to assume that a delay to 2022 was on the cards. However, with work ramping up so quickly, we may yet see that opening next year. Right now Walt Disney World has declined to announce an official opening date for this attraction, but hopefully we’ll learn more soon as work continues to progress on this attraction, which is “now programming” according to Disney’s official Magic Kingdom park maps. 

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