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    The Top 5 Restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood

    International Café

    Universal Studios Hollywood features a relatively limited line-up of restaurants, but there is some variety on offer. Fast food is the order of the day, with most guests in a rush to pack in as many rides as possible. So what are the best options available?

    Since we launched our theme park guides last year, we’ve kept a close eye on the ratings and reviews that our readers have given to restaurants at 90+ parks all over the globe. As we’re focusing on Universal Studios Hollywood as our “Park of the Month” for October, and to encourage more of our readers to rate the park’s offerings, here’s a rundown of the top 5 restaurants at the park.

    5. International Café

    International Café

    Tucked away behind Mel’s Diner in the park’s Upper Lot, the International Café serves a selection of light food options, including sandwiches, salads, soups, fruit and pastries. It also serves Starbucks Coffee, along with a variety of hot and cold drinks.

    4. Jurassic Café

    Jurassic Park - The Ride

    Boasting impressive theming, the Jurassic Café looks as though it could have been lifted straight from the fictional dino-zoo seen in the movie. It is home to a Pizza Hut Express that serves personal-sized deep pan pizzas and breadsticks, and also offers roasted chicken, burgers, salads and vegetarian options. The patio seating area offers great views of Jurassic Park: The Ride.

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    3. Doc Brown’s Fancy Chicken

    Doc Brown's Fancy Chicken

    Back in the day, Back to the Future: The Ride was one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s biggest draws. It may have been replaced by The Simpsons Ride back in 2008, but Doc Brown’s Fancy Chicken continue to be themed to the classic trilogy. Lined with pictures of the eccentric Doc Brown time-travelling around the world, it offers a variety of fried chicken dishes, along with fries and other side dishes.

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    2. Hollywood Cantina

    Hollywod Cantina

    Image: lori05871

    As its name suggests, the Mexican-themed Hollywood Cantina serves a variety of spicy dishes, including burritos, tacos and nachos. A filling option for hungry guests, it is often busy.

    1. Flintstone’s Bar-B-Q


    Flintstone's Bar-B-Q

    A variety of flame-grilled items are on offer from this Flintstones-themed eatery, including burgers, chicken, pulled pork rolls and ribeye steaks. French fries, baked potatoes and salads are available as side dishes, along with a variety of soft drinks. You can watch your food being cooked, too.

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    What are your favourites?

    Do you disagree with the rankings above? Let us know what your favourite restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood are by adding your own ratings and reviews.