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    SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA: Will New Splash Coaster Live Up To Its Texas Predecessor?

    Aquaman: Power Wave

    Earlier this year it was announced that a new splash coaster, temporarily known as “Ultra Surf” would be opening at Six Flags Over Georgia. Six Flags Over Texas recently opened its own much-anticipated splash coaster called Aquaman: Power Wave.

    However, it is not only advertised that “Ulta Surf” will be the first-of-its-kind, but it is also being made by an entirely different manufacturer. Will “Ultra Surf” rise above its predecessor, Aquaman: Power Wave, or fail to make a big splash? Let’s look at how these two wet and wild coasters compare.

    Aquaman: Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas

    Aquaman: Power Wave
    Image: Six Flags Over Texas

    Aquaman: Power Wave officially opened in March of 2023 after originally being announced in 2019 and facing delays due to the pandemic. When it opened, it was considered the first of its kind in North America and is currently the only Mack Rides Power Splash coaster operating in the United States. This splash coaster features about 700 feet of a U-shaped track. The upward spikes of the ride stand about 150 feet and the coaster reaches speeds of over 60 miles per hour. The ride vehicles utilize lap bar restraints.

    The technology that fills the pool during the mere seconds the ride vehicle is ascending the final spike is quite remarkable. It takes gallons upon gallons of water to create the splash element and the fact that the pool can fill so quickly is very impressive. However, it is still a very short ride, and many people who do not care for water rides will likely pass on this coaster. It does not offer a new ride experience each time, and many thrill seekers may consider the coaster to be a bit lackluster. You can check out the official POV below from Six Flags Over Texas. 

    “Ultra Surf” at Six Flags Over Georgia

    The new splash coaster opening at Six Flags Over Georgia as of the date of this article, still does not have an official name. It is currently going by the name “Ultra Surf,” but Six Flags Over Georgia promises that a name will be announced soon.

    Ultra Surf, manufactured by Intamin, takes elements currently seen on the Mack Rides Power Splash coaster and spins them on their head. Literally. The new coaster features new free-spinning vehicles arranged on a train that resembles a surfboard. It is advertised to utilize the “strongest Linear Synchronous Motor launch on the market” and reaches speeds of about 60 miles per hour. Its two spikes stand a foot tall. Throughout the ride, guests will experience 4 airtime moments and three weightless moments. It also utilizes a lap bar restraint. 

    There are multiple different water elements. The first shoots water upward as the train passes. The second water element sprays water out toward the onlookers in the “Splash Zoon”. The third element combines the first two, and the final element creates a water tunnel effect. It appears that the coaster will be utilizing a fountain-like technology rather than a traditional splash down in a pool of water. Intamin has also indicated that the water features can be turned off in the colder months when getting wet is not desirable. You can check out the ride announcement from Six Flags Over Georgia and Intamin below. The video was uploaded by Midway Mayhem. 

    Which Coaster Makes The Bigger Wave?

    When it comes to speed and height, both coasters are about the same. Aquaman: Power Wave does seem to have a slightly longer track, however, “Ultra Surf” does travel over slightly more of its track as it first launches toward the airtime hill rather than up the first spike. Overall though, the layout of these two coasters is nearly identical.

    Obviously, when it comes to the ride vehicles there is a major difference. The free-spinning ride vehicles on “Ultra Surf” are a unique element. However, spinning can be a bit divisive as not all guests like to spin. The capacity of the ride vehicles is the same as well. Yet, Aquaman: Power Wave is able to run with two vehicles due to its turntable loading system while it appears the “Ultra Surf” will only run with one train. This means that “Ultra Surf” will likely have a much lower capacity. It also means that “Ultra Surf” was likely the least expensive of the two coasters to manufacture.

    Utra Surf Train
    Image: Six Flags Over Georgia

    The ability to turn off the water features is a great element when it comes to “Ultra Surf.” Even Texas can get cooler in the winter months, and Aquaman: Power Wave more than likely will not see many riders during this time. It may even be closed altogether. Additionally, Aquaman: Power Wave only has one splash element at the end of the ride, while “Ultra Surf” has four throughout the ride. We know that riders on Aquaman: Power Wave can get moderately wet. From the concept video, it is a bit unclear just how much of a drench factor “Ultra Surf” will have.

    In the end, when it comes to capacity, it does seem that Aquaman: Power Wave is a better choice. However, it really comes down to preference on whether you like to spin on a coaster or prefer to keep things steadier. Both coasters offer a very similar ride experience and will both be a great option if you’re looking for some cooling thrills next summer.