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    Secret protection for the rides at Disneyland

    When you consider the thousands upon thousands of guests who visit the Disneyland Resort each day, you can only begin to imagine the safety measures that must be put in place. You’re probably envisioning bag check security stations, guard rails, yellow lines to stand behind and roped-off pathways. What many people tend to overlook are the special measures that the resort takes to keep the ridessafe!

    Take Snow White’s Scary Adventures, for instance. Back when the ride was still called “Snow White and Her Adventures”, there was a scene where the Witch reached out and offered guests a poisoned apple. Before the 1983 renovation, this apple was actually tangible. An issue arose when riders began stealing the apple right out of the Witch’s hand! It was a fantastically taboo souvenir and the park finally grew tired of replacing the apple. Included in the renovation was the use of a parabolic mirror to project the image of an apple. Problem solved!

    Splash Mountain is another frequently-defiled ride. Guests took to flashing the camera at the top of the mountain before plummeting downward and through the water for some good old fashioned shock value. The ride was deemed “Flash Mountain” back in the 1990’s as these photos were shared online and it became a big pop culture joke. Because these adult-themed photos were being taken in abundance, the park put extra cast members in the photo department for more secured detail scrutiny. You’ll notice that there’s now a bit of a delay after you disembark the ride and look for your photo. Those Splash Mountain cast members are hard at work keeping it clean on the photo screen!

    Splash Mountain – Image © Disney

    *I’ve actually been denied my photo a couple of times due to a “glitch”. I have to wonder what the people behind me were doing!

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