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    Rides and Attractions Not to Miss at Chessington World of Adventures


    Chessington World of Adventures features dozens of rides aimed at a variety of age groups. Our reviews are designed to help you decide which ones to prioritise, but if you only have a short period to explore the park then make sure to experience the attractions below.

    It can be a little difficult to navigate around Chessington World of Adventures, which has developed organically and features attractions scattered across a variety of themed lands. Of the areas on offer, Wild Asia, Transylvania, Forbidden Kingdom and Land of the Dragons host most of the major rides. The other areas house a variety of smaller attractions, although all feature excellent theming.

    Adults, teenagers and older kids:


    1. Vampire – Chessington’s headline attraction is deserving of its popularity. Boarding a suspended coaster train in the atmospherically-themed station, you’ll soon be swooping between trees and over the Transylvania area. Despite its age, Vampire remains one of the best roller coasters in the UK.
    1. Dragon’s Fury this spinning coaster will be familiar to those have experienced Sonic Spinball at Alton Towers. It offers a superior experience to the ride at its sister park, with an inventive, custom-built circuit that will leave you dizzy but giggling.
    1. KOBRA the UK’s second Zamperla Mega Disk’O Coaster (after EDGE at Paultons Park), KOBRA dominates the Wild Asia area of Chessington World of Adventures. While it’s slow-loading, the combination of a spinning flat ride and a traditional coaster is a winning one.
    1. Rameses Revenge – one of the most thrilling rides in Chessington’s arsenal, Rameses Revenge will see you rotating out of control and hoping to avoid a soaking at the hands of its array of water fountains.
    1. Dragon Fallsarguably the best-themed log flume ride in the UK, Dragon Falls packs two soaking-wet drops into its journey through the Mystic East.

    All ages:

    Tomb Blaster

    1. Tomb Blasterwhile it’s set in an Egyptian tomb packed with the undead, Tomb Blaster is popular with all but the youngest kids (who may find it a little scary). It’s a great ride for families, who can battle the ghouls with laser guns and compete to register the best score.
    2. Zufari: Ride into Africa! – Chessington’s new ride for 2013 takes guests on a safari truck tour past a variety of exotic species, including rhinos, giraffes and flamingos. The perfect blend of zoo exhibit and theme park ride.
    3. Sea Lifekids and adults alike will enjoy this excellent aquarium, which offers a great place to escape from the sun and relax after a meal. Highlights include a variety of shark and ray species, as well as the Azteca “underwater city” exhibit.
    4. Bubbleworks – one of the most unique and inventive dark rides in the UK, it’s unlikely we’ll see another attraction like Bubbleworks any time soon. Board a boat and enjoy floating through the interior of a “bubble factory”.
    5. Runaway Train – it may be similar to other powered roller coasters seen at theme parks all over the world, but kids won’t care when they board the Runaway Train. As usual, Chessington’s clever use of scenery ensures that the ride experience is well above average (note: the Runaway Mine Train is currently closed indefinitely for refurbishment).
    6. Safari Skyway – another great post-lunch ride is the Safari Skyway, which offers an overhead view of the Chessington Zoo. While it’s not a replacement for a walking tour of the animal exhibits, it does offer a great vantage point to observe penguins, lions, tigers and other species.

    What are your favourites?

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