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    Revival Of A Classic: Knoebels To Open Bayern Kurve This Season

    Knoebels Amusement Park which is located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania has been working on an exciting project for the last couple of years which is set to be completed and ready in time to open at the park this season.

    Knoebels confirmed in March 2022 that they will debut a Bayern Kurve ride in 2023. Knoebels has been working on this refurbishment project which sees the bringing together of two former Bayern Kurve models into one functioning ride. According to Screamscape, one of the Bayern Kurve rides came from Indiana’s closed Fun Spot park and the other one came from Amusements of America, which used to travel under the name “Swiss-Bob”.

    Knoebels, Bayern Kurve
    Image: Knoebels

    The models were brought to Knoebels in 2020 and were initially spotted by guests in 2021. The new refurbished attraction will be located on the former site of the 1001 Nachts attraction.

    Knoebels has recently released photos of how this refurbished Bayern Kurve currently looks. It is expected to debut on the opening weekend which is scheduled for April 29. This ride has 16 cars, each seating two passengers and reaches speeds of 70mph as it travels around its circular track.

    If you are wondering when this ride was originally manufactured, well you may be surprised to hear that it was 1963 and there are now only three currently operating.

    Fans of classic attractions will definitely want to get to Knoebels this year to check the newly refurbished Bayern Kurve out for themselves. We love to see new life being brought to a classic.

    Are you planning on riding this Bayern Kurve at Knoebels? Let us know your thoughts on this classic ride by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.