Despite not really fitting in with Mutiny Bay's pirate theme, Wicker Man surprisingly looks very nice in the former Flume site. The hype for this ride was unrivalled, I was over the moon that I got to experience it on opening day.

As you walk into the area, you are greeted with flames, wicker and various Beornen themed shops and restaurants on the left hand side. Oh yeah, and Big Bob. The massive Wicker Man feature. Nothing beats the atmosphere as you meander through the queue to the sound of the booming drum soundtrack and GCI trains hurtling over the wooden track.

As you approach the station, you are met with a small pre show room that resembles the inside of a wicker teepee. Walls adorned with animal skins and Beornen symbols.

Genuinely, my favourite part of Wicker Man is the experience. And this pre show does not disappoint. Loud, interesting, completely story based and even a little scary and intimidating.

The ride itself is good. If you were to ask me how i'd rate the actual coaster, I would probably give it 3 out of 5 stars, the extra star comes from the excellent theming and experience.

Good little pockets of airtime, a relatively fun double down drop but other than that, there isn't an awful amount to it. I think despite the theme and the story and the pre show, it is a definitely a family coaster and maybe it should have been marketed that way.

Nonetheless it is a great experience and really delves you deep into the story, you feel very invested. I do recommend highly

4 stars

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