Considering I had never experienced a Dungeons attraction before, I was rather excited that my favourite park was now hosting one. I had been patiently waiting all day and all night (as we had visited the resort for a short break) and despite my pleas to experience the attraction on the first day of our trip, we ended up waiting for Day 2.

One thing to note was that I did manage to speak to various roaming actors on day one and they made me laugh, were excellent conversationalists but most of all, really added to the anticipation of entering the Dungeon.

Before any moans, the added fee for entry is definitely worth it.

We entered the first room to meet the Judge, this room was funny, got the whole group involved and was all mixed together with excellent acting. One of the funniest rooms in the attraction.

The next one was The Black River Ride. Although the darkness added to the eeriness of the whole experience, it was obvious to a man of my geek level that it was most likely a cheap way of avoiding theming up the massive rooms we saw in CATCF and Toyland Tours. It was fun, but nothing to rave about.

The next noticeable room was The Torturer. Crude humour and gory details, its a very "Horrible Histories" style room. Probably my least favourite though.

The Plague Doctor was the room I got picked on in, i'd love to say I enjoyed the experience but I was behind a bloody sheet for the majority of it. Had my brains pulled out. The group enjoyed it.

My favourite room was up next, The Highwayman. Scary, excellent effects and amazing acting. Dont want to ruin the surprises, but very very fun.

Finally, The Witch. That's all i'm saying. "YES SHE CAN"

Check it out, its really fun.

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