This ride is a 4D cinema style attraction. The 3D is pretty good, and the seats move around quite a lot and are SUPER comfortable. The water sprays are also a nice touch. The screen is is huge, so you feel really immersed in the film. The ride film itself isn't bad, but that brings me to my first complaint: It's not filmed in the right way. There's too many cuts and it feels disjointed, it should have been filmed maybe from the cockpit of the robot's point of view and without cuts. Or maybe like Shrek 4-D, still without cuts and giving a cool vantage point. The way the film is makes you feel like you're watching the battle, and not like you're part of the battle. My second complaint is that the ride feels more like a commercial and less like a ride. You go in, watch a battle, then the movie's name appears and you leave. The pre-show sort of sets of a story, but not really. There's also almost NO theming. The outside of the theatre is covered in these big logs and there's lots of large trees that give almost a jungle theme. There's a wrecked truck with blood all over it in the outdoor queue (which you won't wait in becuase this never gets more than a five-ten minute line), but the truck is actually a leftover prop from Fright Fest. It's also very secluded( no sign for the ride, just a small path you go down to get to the theatre) which adds to the forest feel. Inside it kinda feels like an army base, but that's only on the walls and there's no props. The ride staff also are wearing the typical neon Six Flags uniform, which takes away from the experience (they should be wearing something like the Transformers ride op uniform). In conclusion, this ride is fine, but needs some work done to make it feel more complete. It's worth riding, never gets a long line, and is pretty re-rideable. It's definetly worth riding if you visit this park.

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