I chose this place for lunch one day as the studios didn't have much option for food. We all decided we wanted burgers and this place had them on the menu. The menu stated that on the burger was: 100% beef burger, salad, tomato and cheese. I don't like tomato so decided to ask for it without. We queued for about 45 mins just to get to the ordering bay. When i finally got there, i asked the lady if I could have the burger without the tomato, she said it would be a 20 minute wait for that. I just looked at her as if she hadn't understand and repeated my question, she said again 20 minute wait for no tomato. So because I figured you can pick tomatoes off yourself I decided to just get it with them on. I sat down with my meal, opened the box to find the burger absolutely smothered under the burger and on top with sauce. I didn't know what the sauce was, but I can't stand any kind. I couldn't believe this wasn't mentioned on the menu, but it seemed to happen on every sandwich or burger menu within Disney, so if you don't like sauce, be aware of this. My other friend who likes exactly the same as me on a burger, sat down with her meal and told me that they had done her a plain one there and then. I couldn't believe it as I had been told a 20 minute wait. So my male friend got up and queued to get mine changed, they seemed to listen to him more than me (must be a man thing.) But in the end, the burger was lovely, but it took me a good 1 hr 10 before I got to eat, and I was feeling a bit faint.

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