A very tame ride in the heart of Magic Kingdom is great for nostalgic reasons, but for those not interested in the history of the park, they'd probably find it fairly boring and pointless.

This was the first ride I ever went on as a kid in Orlando in 1996 and I was chosen to be the skipper and still have the photos to remind me. The lady driving gave me the wheel and I fully believed I was driving the boat while she was narrating. Nowadays, as a young adult, I don't go on this ride with the same excitement and anticipation as I did in my younger days. It is outdated, quite boring and the jokes are lazy. The people 'driving' the boat seem a little embarrassed to tell the jokes sometimes, and the conviction of the punchlines are so scripted its cheesy. The animatronics are just poor now and need updating. The jokes are worn out and no one finds them funny anymore. Especially the drivers.

If it's nostalgia you want, then Jungle Cruise is great fun, as it reminds you of how theme park rides used to be back in the 60's. Yes it is an original, and I understand it should stay in the park due to its classic status, but surely a refurbishment wouldn't go amiss.

4/10 for being a classic

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