Drop Tower is definitely not a ride for the faint of heart. Your heart begins to pound and you start to question your sanity before even getting on the ride; Just looking up at the towering structure is intimidating. But for the most die-hard thrill seekers, this is a ride of a lifetime. It is a must-ride at the park due to its high thrill and unique experience.

Once you sit in the slightly tilted seat with only a seemingly pathetic excuse for a harness securing you, your hands begin to sweat as you clench the handle bars as tightly as you can as you ascend up the tower. It takes a decent amount of time to reach the top, allowing you both to think about your crazy decision to get on the ride and to enjoy the view. The ride vehicle rotates in a circle as it goes up the tower, allowing for 360 degree views of the park and surrounding area. The view truly is breathtaking. Then the carriage stops spinning and climbs to its highest altitude. Then it's the worst-and the best-part of the ride. You are sitting there, feet dangling, seeing yourself high above the park's landscape. Your heart is beating fast, since you know you are about to drop but don't know exactly when. Just when you thought you couldn't wait anymore, you plummet into a stomach churning freefall. Then after a fast, intense drop you slowly and smoothly glide to a halt. Drop Tower is one of my favorite rides at Kings Island and is a thrill seeker's dream come true.

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