Upon entering William van der Decken's castle with its monstrous tower & boat hull upper windows things star to get a little eerie, the screams from outside do not help relax you as you pass into the library. Don't stay to long or stare into the mirror, as you may see William's ghostly image and cold, blue icy stare loom out at you! Quickly, you go through the torn painting on the wall & negotiate the dark, dimly lit corridors that follow. Eventually you come to the head of a bridge as you enter an old quayside surrounded by buildings, their windows aglow with flickering candle light. You board your 14 seater 'sloosh' & slowly move off passing moored cargo ships, no doubt belonging to the VOC, as your journey into the dark unknown begins! A bell tolls as you slip through the thick sea fog. Your only saviour from the all engulfing gloom is the small lamp that flickers in the breeze at the bow of your vessel, held in the teeth of fierce carved wolf, but even this does not penetrate far!
Again, another bell tolls. Your boat creaks as it slips through the strangely calm waters that lap at its hull. Suddenly......... what was that?! A noise? You lean forward to get a better view, do your eyes deceive you?! The lamp flickers one last time then goes out & darkness descends. The hairs go up on the back of your neck!

Then something moves in the mist!!!

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