If there's one thing Disney does well with their parks, rides, resorts, and's theming. That goes whether it's some little walk-by food cart, a quick-service meal, or a full table-service restaurant. Once they get their theme in mind, they go all out to immerse their guests in it.

At the Disney Hollywood Studios park, one restaurant in particular that comes to mind in succeeding in its overall theme is that of the "50's Prime Time Cafe". Once you step inside, you'd swear you were smack in the middle of some episode of "I Love Lucy" or "Leave it to Beaver". And that's just in the waiting area, which is aptly designed with vintage 50's era furniture. All around you, the place is just filled with 50's style decor and pop culture references making you feel like you truly are in a diner from decades past.

Now as far as the experience of having eaten there goes, I honestly can't say mine was all that good. First, I didn't care for too many of the food offerings on their menu and was hard-pressed to pick one thing out that I'd go with. When I got it, the food was really no better than at the quick-service places. That goes for the entire course.

Another issue was that we went in expecting the cast member waiter/waitress to really be in character and in the spirit of things. We had heard beforehand that they go all out to encourage people to "eat your veggies or no dessert" and live in the spirit of the 50's diner. Our waitress, however, either didn't get the memo that she was supposed to do that or didn't care because the service we got was simply standard. Took the order, delivered the food, gave us the bill, and that was basically it. She was nice enough, but was not playing her part.

So I guess if you read up on this place and decide to try it out, just be prepared for food that isn't horrible but isn't anything super special either (our whole party felt that way), and how good a time you have there will depend a lot on whether your wait-person decides to be in character.

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