Right off, if you consider the name of this roller coaster ("The Hurler") and are thinking it sounds vaguely familiar somehow.....let me give you a hint: Wayne's World.

If you're good with your pop culture knowledge, then you'll remember the Wayne's World skit on Saturday Night Live, starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. In the late 80's and early 90's (for a VERY brief while) their skits and their two feature films were prominent in teen and young adult culture. It was during this time in which the previous owners of the Carowinds theme park decided to devote one section of the park to the Wayne's World theme. It's hallmark attraction was, the wooden coaster, The Hurler.

The Hurler is your basic wooden "out and back" coaster that, after its initial impressive first drop, simply blasts you around corners and up and down several smaller hills before winding its way back to the station for you to exit and the next people to enter.

A Word of Warning: The Hurler is a fairly decent coaster, BUT it is extremely rickety and if you have back problems could do you some harm. "Herky-Jerky" is the best I can describe it as because by no means is it a smooth ride. As with most roller coasters, the first drop IS the best and you really get that excited feel in the pit of your stomach as you approach it and then drop, but then afterwards you're simply trying to hold yourself in place while the ride tries to toss you around like a ragdoll.

Despite it's really dated theme and name, the coaster itself is worth a ride. There are lamer coasters at Carowinds than this one.

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