Flight of Fear is an indoor launching steel roller coaster that launches from 0 to 54 mph in just 4 seconds, sending you in the dark through a large 'cobra roll', a sidewinder loop, many tight twists and turns, and an exciting corkscrew loop finale. All while maxing out 4.5 G's and traveling through 2,705 ft of twisted steel track...


- Fast acceleration

- Ride is nearly in complete darkness, making what's going to happen next unpredictable

- Four inversions

- Tight twists and turns

- Quite forceful, especially in the very front

- The twisting section of the ride is my favorite part

- Lots of 'near misses' with the supports

- Building is air-conditioned!


- For a steel coaster, certainly not one of the smoothest ones (very jerky, especially during the first 3 inversions during the beginning)

- Quite disorienting for people who don't like inversions

- Seats are a little hard to get in and out of, especially if you're on the taller or larger side

- Ride has a very low hourly capacity (Lines move really slow, as trains don't dispatch very often and they only hold a max. of 20 riders each)

TIP: Each train on Flight of Fear has five 4-passenger 'cars' that have a back row and a front row each. If you want a smoother ride, ride in a front row of one of the cars. If you want a ride that's a little bit roomier, ride in the back row of the one of the cars, but prepare for a rougher ride.

Whatever you do, knock this ride out first thing in the morning. You do not want to ride it when the line is long, it will take forever!

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