Drop Tower is in my opinion the best non-roller coaster ride at Kings Island. I personally think it is More exciting than Delirium, and MUCH better Windseeker.


- It's EXTREME height! Although it may be considered scary by lots of riders, it's still one heck of an adrenaline rush.

- Not only is it tall, but it is very fast on the way down! (65 mph to be exact)

- The suspense waiting to drop

- It's awesome negative g's during the drop. It gives your stomach that 'whoa' feeling (the best part of the ride).

- The view from the very top!


Um, I'd say if it's any longer than about 40 minutes, then I would ride something else until the line dies down(if it will die down, if it's crowded and every line is long and you'll only be there for one day, I'd ride it no matter how long the wait is). Although it's exciting it's capacity isn't too good so the line can move pretty slow.

TIP: If your arriving at the park first thing when it opens, I'd suggest hitting up Drop Tower first and all the other rides in Action Zone as that part of the parks seems to be the most crowded during the afternoon and the capacities for those rides are very low. After hitting up those rides, I would work clockwise through the park starting with Oktoberfest, through Coney Mall, and finally going to Rivertown.

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