The Carolina Goldrusher is a park favorite for many, even after being one of the original park rides from Carowinds' opening about 40 years ago. Personally, I used to enjoy it as just another ride to go on even if it wasn't all that thrilling or anything, but I've found the more I go to the park, each time I ride it, I like it a little less.

For one thing, it's pretty darn slow. For another, the ride cars are so small they can BARELY contain two people in them....and I'm not a big person by any means.

What I will give it credit for is that it could be used as a good way to get kids or timid individuals introduced to roller coasters, or help them get over their fear of them. It's definitely not wild, it's not fast, and there are no loops or anything like that....and for the average coaster lover, it's as lame as can be, but for newbies it could be a "goldilocks". I bet you're scratching your head on that one, but basically that means it's "just right".

The wait in line can be either non-existant or 5-10 minutes, generally speaking. Sometimes there's no real rhyme or reason why it has a long line, other than that it may be something of a favorite for certain park guests or small children.

To me, this "runaway train" type coaster has long since outlived its entertainment value, and really needs to go to that coaster scrapyard in the sky. I get that it's a park original, but it doesn't mean it needs to stay forever. Time to let go, Carowinds.

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