"Back in the day", when Carowinds still had an association with Paramount, they had the first Star Trek based roller coaster with the "Borg Assimilator". It was a pretty impressive-looking coaster and area as well, with that huge Borg (bad robotic guys from Star Trek: The Next Generation) cube sitting crashed landed in the water.

The main appeal of the ride is the fact that this coaster suspends you beneath the track and you're lying flat as you rush through the drops, loops, and crazy give you the sensation as if you're Superman (which really would have been a more fitting theme given how you ride).

The GOOD: When the ride is working, and you get in and get going, it does offer a pretty cool (if dizzying) sensation of flight.

The BAD: Note earlier I said "when the ride is working". That's the thing: far more often than not, the ride is NOT working, or works for a little and then breaks down. Not only that, but it's an extremely slow-loading coaster, so on the busy or semi-busy days, you're looking at a bare minimum wait time on line of about 20-30 minutes for a very short ride.

For what it is, it's worth riding at least once if you can stand the wait AND the likelihood of there being a stoppage for repairs just before you get your turn to ride. Most of the time, however, there's no great payoff for how much time you're going to spend waiting....and waiting....and hoping the ride is even working.

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