If you're familiar with that song, then you'll also be familiar with the movie it was featured in, "Top Gun". The reason I bring that up is because the initial name of the now-called "Afterburn" coaster at Carowinds, was "Top Gun". In fact, to many, it's still referred to as the "Top Gun Coaster" and that likely won't change anytime soon.

At any rate, the "Afterburn" is one of the better roller-coasters at Carowinds and it was a smart move for them to keep on the whole fighter jet theme to the attraction as basically that's what you feel like you're on while riding it.

Part of the overall appeal is the fact that unlike your standard roller coaster, your ride cars hang BELOW the track, meaning there's no floor for you to touch. And believe me, once you get going down the first slightly intimidating'll think you're in that fighter jet as you fly through loops, corkscrews, and barrel rolls. And oh...what a smooth ride it is. Sure it could be longer, but since the wait times aren't typically that long, you can just get off and get right back on again.

In some cases, people will tell you the best seats are either in the very back or very front. I can state that it's the very front that's the best ride, and anything else in any of the other rows is the same experience, but still enjoyable.

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