Many theme park rides can stand the test of time and continue to delight guests decades after they first debuted. Whether it be from nostalgia or updates and refurbishments, these attractions are those that we just can't bring ourselves to miss anytime we visit that park. Unfortunately, Twister can not be added to that list of timeless theme park attractions. Twister was a huge hit upon theatrical release so it's a no-brainer that the attraction was a hit for many years. It perfectly fit the initial theming of Universal Studios and provided guests with an entertaining peek into the latest special effects of the time. I remember being excited and scared by the ride as a kid, having been familiar with the film. But by the time Islands of Adventure opened, Twister's age and lack of relevance in pop culture was showing. Add to that its decaying quality and complete lack of updates, and the ride had become a bit of a...disaster, for lack of a better word. Now in 2013 the ride is always a walk-on, only gaining much traction when every other ride has hour+ waits. But many a time, this is what happens when you create a film-based attraction-it gets old. Taking up quite a large amount of real estate in a rapidly redeveloping powerhouse of a theme park, Twister is bound to be blown away sooner than we know.

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