As everyone knows, Cedar Point is known around the world for having a world class selection of coasters, and it would be fitting for the park to add yet another fantastic scream machine. Not only is GateKeeper smooth, but it also provides a unique ride experience that can't be found on any other ride at the park. You truly feel like you are soaring through the air. The front rows provide impeccable views as well as foot and head chopper effects, while in the back you are pulled through inversions and over hills, providing plenty of thrills and airtime. The wing-over drop is the best part of the ride. The feeling you get as you are pulled either up or below the track depending on whether you sit on the left or right side of the train cannot be explained. If you sit on the left, you feel weightless as you are pulled up and over the element, while on the right side you feel as if you are falling to the ground. GateKeeper is very reridable, and it provides a nice balance for the park. It's a great way to relax from the more intense thrills of Millennium Force and Dragster while still providing a fun ride. I love this coaster, and now that the vests on the restraints no longer lock into place, it is an even more fantastic ride. It opened up the views of the beach, dramatically changed the skyline and front entrance, and gave guests a new option to enjoy their day with their friends and family at the best amusement park in the world.

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