Mention the name "Indiana Jones" and what comes to mind? The whip-wielding, punch-throwing, globe trotting archaelologist played by actor Harrison Ford in now 4 big screen adventures. Everyone has their own opinions on each film, but many will attest to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" being one of the biggest and best action-adventure films of all time. And I have to agree with that. I believe that's why at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Walt Disney World, it became the basis of the live-action stunt show Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Here in this show, using numerous actors and stunt men, famous scenes from "Raiders" are acted out live. You can feel the heat from the fireballs that erupt, you can sense the danger as Indy snakes his way through booby trap after booby trap, and you can relive the famous scene of him being chased by the huge round boulder from the beginning scenes of "Raiders". And of course, Indy is ok. From there out, the director of the show goes on to talk about how the films are made and how some of the stuntwork is accomplished. You'll even have a chance to volunteer to be among those taking place in the famous marketplace fight scene between Indy and the Nazi henchmen.

From there on out, you get to watch several other stunt sequences played out including the highlight scene from "Raiders" where Indy has a fist-fight with a Nazi thug while trying to get away from the spinning rotors of a plane and save Marion at the same time.

It's an enjoyable 35 minute show with plenty of pyrotechnics for everyone to "ooh and ahh" over. much as I do say it's an enjoyable show (and it is), it's not without its faults. For example, the show really never changes. The entire show is predicated ONLY on stunt examples from "Raiders of the Lost Ark", even though there are 3 other films in the series they can incorporate, but don't. Because they don't incorporate any of the other films, it makes repeated viewings of the show somewhat stale and old.

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