Superman Ultimate Flight (SUF) is SFDK's latest ride and one of Premier Rides' latest coasters. The ride features a very basic layout that does not look like much, other than being a large square-shaped structure. It's easy to write this coaster off but really, it's something that must be experienced!

The ride starts off with a somewhat tame forward launch as you head towards the front tower. Losing momentum, you're launched backwards building up speed. Again, you lose momentum as you head up toward the exit of the ride's non inverting loop. Falling back into the station, you're launched at full speed back up the front tower where you're suddenly launched upward out of your seat - ejector airtime...something coaster enthusiasts seek. Riders then slowly cruise through the signature barrel roll 150 feet in the air, all while being held in by a lapbar only. Coming out, you plunge back down as you're again ejected upward out of your seat. At the bottom of the drop, you're suddenly forced hard into your seat due to positive G's. The non-inverting loop feels quite unique and if you're in the right row (Row 6) you can experience floater airtime.

If you live in the bay area or making a trip there, be sure to hit up SFDK and check out Superman Ultimate Flight!

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